We all know that the Monster Trio has haki. But if you think about it, as the story progresses and the Straw Hats go further into the New World, they can't relay solely on the Monster Trio all the time. So I just want to know if the other Straw Hats will learn haki as well?

These are the types of Haki that I think that other Straw Hats might be adapt at using:
1. Nami- Observation Haki( It would improve her navigating skills since she can trust her instincts)

2. Ussop- In my opinion, he would be more adapt at using Observation since he's a sniper but looking back at his attempts at hitting Kizaru, he might learn Armament Haki in order to go up against Logias in the New World.

3. Chopper- If he added Armament Haki to his transformations especially his Monster Point he would be unstoppable.

4. Robin- She could add Armament Haki to her giant limbs.

5. Franky- Obviously Armament Haki

6. Brook- Swordsman are more adapt at using at Armament Haki and remembering the time when Brook tried to stab Kizaru he's gonna nead it.

What do you guys think?