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    Hashirama Senju's death


    He is the only deceased Hokage whose death hasn't been shown.


    Tobirama Senju - sacrificed himself to allow his students to escape

    the THIRD HOKAGE :

    Hiruzen Sarutobi - sacrificed himself to save the village via Shiki Fujin to seal Oro " my man " chimaru


    Minato Namikaze - sacrificed himself to save the village again, kushina and baby naruto via Shiki Dujin to
    seal Kyuubi inside naruto

    So as you read this thread i believe you have also your own list on how HASHIRMA SENJU died maybe ill put mine in
    this thread :D


    1. OLD AGE - but i strongly doubt this coz Hashirama died rather quite long before Tobirama. hashi
    should be only a couple of years older than tobirama.. Thus there is no chance of death
    due to old age. Plus when ORO edo hashi and tobirama in part one they both look young

    2. DIE YOUNG - hashi must had died young since his brother took over at a relatively young age.. but still the
    reason is still unknown

    3. OVERPOWERED - well i think Hashirama is incredibly hyped but as the story unfolds he lives up to
    this hype by defeating EMS Madara, collecting the Kyuubi, and with high level jutso in his
    disposal.. i cant imagine how would anyone at that time could come near his power..

    4. DYING IN BATTLE - Dying in war is highly unlikely because if he may have sustained fatal wounds during
    a fight ... but he could heal himself... maybe some injuries just can't be
    be healed

    5. DIED by POISON - this can happen but very unlikely too.. coz we all know how skillful
    a medical nin hashirama is... Maybe some poison is toxic enough
    just like what kabuto done to supress senju DNA in yamato

    image possible because of ROLLIN.. thankz bro

    6. KILLED BY A MISSING NIN [kakuzu and kin/gin bro] -we know Hashirama divided
    his bijuu collection between the ninja villages at the moment to sign peace
    after Shinobi World War I, which makes Mizukage II and Tsuchikage II unlikely to
    be Hashirama's killer... so a missing nin could likely kill hashirama and the
    perfect candidate would be kin and gin bro and kakuzu but..
    In databook 1, they say Tobirama took over the command of Konoha after his
    elder brother's death, so Hashirama must have been dead by the time the
    KinGin brothers attacked Raikage II and Hokage II. and that leave us to KAKUZU..
    but then again since he only claimed he fought him and didn't claimed he killed
    him, the odds are low that he took his life. Although it is possible that Hashirama
    make it out of the battle barely alive, to die a few days latter, Kakuzu not
    knowing how badly he injured his adversary..Still kakuzu gets the credit..

    7. KILLED BY MADARA UCHICHA - When i say killed
    by madara it means after they fought hashirama has been seriously injured then died
    later in the war by unknown ninja.. so the credit still goes to madara :D

    8. USING A FORBIDDEN JUTSO - this would be the most likely that had happen... HASHIRAMA may have use
    a FORBIDDEN JUTSO to save himself during or after a battle or to save his
    comrades... This would be my pick right here :D

    - I have read this theory made by BLACK DUDE and its sound similar.
    Hashirama is said to have high level healing jutso.. maybe this jutso as stated
    has cause his life span to shorten.. like what tsunade jutso did.. when she
    release that thing in his forehead :D

    We all know that it was stated in the datebook that he died in the war.. but how [did he run out of chakra] or who[ by himself]? or why [ for the greater good ]? hahha

    So the list may go on depending on how you view hashirama death...

    PS : i didnt include images coz it tends to make the thread very long and assume we all read same manga here :D
    it makes people not wanting to read coz the thread will look too long :D

    enjoy reading :D
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