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hmmm my guess would be that he died via a virus of some sort, or as u stated he might have died using the same jutsu tsunade uses.. the regeneration tech he uses make his cells duplicate faster thus healing faster... however u only have a limited cells and using this tech would shorten ur life span .. so its very possible that the 1st died by over use of this technique maybe in the battle against madara.. and by the end of the battle he might have used the technique so much that after the battle he only had a month or so to live maybe more .. i think this is the most likely way he wouldve died and would also explain y he died at a young age
This...is the most likely scenario. Off topic but, I'm disturbed by the thought I just had of how Madara got that dna, did he use a cotton swab on the inside of Hashi's mouth? Did he give Hashi a dirty mag and a plastic cup and ask for a sample? I'm confused lol