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I personally think Madara killed him possibly by poisoning him or he indirectly killed him by the injuries he sustained during their fight.
yes very logical
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My best bet is that he'll be killed off for cheesy reasons. Like how Itachi was killed off; Disease.
haha many believe that too... haha kishi is cheesy ah :D

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The First and Second Hokages were Hokages at about the same time probably?
Because they were both Hokage and then the 3rd was just a kid and then the 3rd was named Hokage. :l
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I support everything you said in this thread except the part where you said he had to of died young. I do t believe that to be entirely true. Take for instance Madara. He died at an old age. Kabuto and done modifications to put him young and back in his prime. I'm not saying your wrong but there is a possibility he did die old, and possibly orochimaru did modifications to the 1stand 2nd hokage to put them in there prime. Or when he did die he was poisoned or even kidnapped by Madara and maybe Madara is the one who gave the shodai cells to orochimaru for him to conduct his expirements on Yamato and da so and etc.. Its just something I was thinking I'm not saying its right or wrong only possible
yes.. but OROCHIMARU EDO WAS THE SAME US KABUTO.. kabutos edo is more advance.. so we assume that ORO edo was the same age that hashirama time of death