When it was revealed that Tobi was actually Obito I knew this manga was done for me. There was no way Kishi could make it fit or justify Tobi being Obito. We knew it wasnt Madara even though he professed to be. I was hoping for some type of major revelation of an Uchiha plot to take back the leaf village.

For example here is how I would have made the reveal of Tobi EPIC!

I was hoping that the Uchiha had carried out a secret plan left by Madara in case they ever came to their senses and realized they were being suppressed. The plan would be to use get an Uchiha to become trusted as an informant to the village leaders (Itachi). Then use a genjutsu (Shisui's eye) to make the village leaders plot to destroy all the Uchiha and have the informant carry out the massacre (Itachi). On the night of the planned massacre Itachi Kills everyone and leaves the village to go to Madara's hiding place where Obito was transported but died and Madara took his eyes. Itachi would find the black and white zetsu there with Nagato and then Nagato would resurrect the slain Uchiha after the leaf village had cleaned up the mess roughly 24-48 hours later. Nagato was too young and not strong enough to revive Shisui as he had been killed sometime before the massacre. While the now revived Uchiha make the graves appear undisturbed they cast a collective genjutsu so that no one sees them do this or leave.

Itachi's father takes on the role of Tobi and gains Obito's eyes then forms the Akatsuki since. Itachi and Nagato join Akatsuki. Itachi was unable to kill Sasuke and instead left him alive in case Madara's plan failed and the leaf destroyed the Uchiha. He wanted Sasuke to grow strong and kill him so that he could be seen as a hero by the leaf and keep the Uchiha clan going even if the rest were found and slaughtered.

Itachi's dad then shares the plan to use the kyuubi to destroy the village. He then reads a scroll left by Madara on controlling the kyuubi.

Itachi's dad wears the mask, merges his body with a white zetsu and assaults the leaf as we saw. The Uchiha remain hidden in their secret location trying to increase their numbers and training for the day they take over the leaf and the world. They have also recruited other clans on the brink of extinction that the rest o the world believes are long gone.

When Tobi's mask breaks and it is revealed to be Sasuke's father Kakashi and Guy are floored!

Thats my version. I know it may not be perfect but I hate Obito being Tobi. What do you think? I am open to constructive criticism.