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    Every jutsu has its weakness

    Which 3 men team will you form to carry out mission every single time?

    Assumption and rules:

    - There is no Shinobi Alliance Pact
    - The 3 shinobi must come from the same Hidden Village, or any other organisation (No crossing shinobi between Hidden Village or organisation)
    - For organisations like Akatuski and Eagles, you can intermix them along with other missing nin.
    - The 3 shinobi must still be alive as of manga time, Edo Tensei characters cannot be used. (example: shinobi like Itachi, Minato, Jiraiya, Nagato, Madara cannot be included)
    - You, presumbly as the Kage, can only form a permanent team.
    - State your Hidden Village
    - State your reasons for the choice of shinobi

    My team:
    From Hidden Leaf, I will pick Naruto, Kakashi and Shikamaru.
    - Naruto: Mastered KM, massive attacking power, abillity to use BM mode to restore his team's chakra, and use shadow clones to good effect
    - Kakashi: With his new found effectiveness of his Kamui, traveling to remote places with his team is an instant thing
    - Shikamaru: Simply for his good brains to think of strategies.

    Thanks. Lets see yours~ =)
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