I dont understand why Naruto gets so much hate for getting a little help from ****ing hinata against pain. Also i dont understand why every fight has to have some type of bs about plot no jutsu this and plot no jutsu that and its not just about the main character either!

Fights that get criticized for help in naruto :

Naruto vs Gaara
Sasuke Danzo
Itachi and Sasuke vs Kabuto
Naruto vs Pain

IN other animes, the main character simingly always gets helped but the thing is, in other animes, even in the forums, no one criticizes them!

here are examples

Goku vs Frieza - Piccolo helped Goku charge spirit bomb and gohan distracted frieza while goku came back to life
Gohan vs cell- at the end it was like 10 on 1 and no one ever said anything bout this
goku vs kid buu - vegeta helped him
goku vs vegeta 1- gohan, krillin, yajarobe helped him
goku and vegeta cs metacooler - 2 on 1 fight for the whole fight!

Other animes where the main character gets help is:
Fairy Tail
Sometimes One piece
Rerouni Kenshin (kenshin vs Shishio was huge example!)
Inuyasha (that guy legit never wins without kagome !)
Bleach(ichigos had his ass saved a lot)

like come on guys, how come other animes dont get hate like this!?

why cant all this hate stop!