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    KABUTO's Cleverness

    Im thinkin that kabuto can stop both obito and madara in the war...

    the above image said that.... kabuto has come up with a poison that can supress SENJU DNA

    Well , this could be hard to believe but with that poison plus kabuto's cleverness he might pull a win or get the advantage facing the fiercesome duo OBITO and EDO MADARA... My reason is this...

    " If kabuto will able to poison both obito and madara[he can sneak up..kabuto is good at it :D] then everything will be good news for kabuto.. The poison effect by supressing SENJU DNA will automatically gives kabuto every advantage in the battle .. the fact that we know everything about obito and edo madara ability and existence depends on SENJU DNA...For, obito , he can spam the hell of its MS TECH because of SENJU DNA .... Obito rinnegan is also because of SENJU DNA.. He actually survive because of senju DNA ... Then for EDO MADARA... its obvious that he is a SENJU DNA SUCKING MANIAC :D his rinnegan just an example..."

    So i assume that kabuto was a threat for OBITO ...
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