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    The rise of Tengen: Chapter 19

    (Sorry for any delays in posts. My online time is Erratic and with school I don't always have time to put out new chapters.)

    For new readers and regulars, you may follow the link the fanfic's link in my signature to find my other works and chapters

    Chapter 19: Nature calls

    I followed the strange orange toad a short ways until I came to a clearing. It was strange. The ground was covered in thick moss and the trees seemed to be ancient. Rocks jutted from the cliff side nearby. Besides the entrance the forest was so thick that there was literally no space between tree trunks, not even for a knife blade. A small pool of water sat in the corner of the clearing which was covered in lily pads. I also notices a few strangely shaped rocks, but I didn't think too much of them.

    Then I felt something moving up my leg. Something with cold, rough skin. I looked down to see a white snake looking me dead in the eye.

    "Hello there..." I said a little worried. The snake slithered and looked like it would pounce. But just as it began to lunge, a familiar orange hand slapped it in the head, knocking it off my leg. It was then I could see the length of the serpent, despite being very skinny like a garden snake, it was incredibly long, with 4 times my body length visible, with still more hidden in a hole in the ground nearby

    "Gama! How dare you? Stopping me from pursuing a meal," the snake said in a raspy voice.

    "He is far to big for you Hebi, and besides he is my guest," Gama replied with an eye roll.

    "Why did you bring a human to this place?" Hebi asked.

    "He is no normal human, he uses the stuff the big ugly thing uses. He calls it chakra," Gama replied. Hebi seemed to take great interest in this.

    "A human with the powers of the one eyed thing? Ridiculous! And even so, why bring it here?"

    "He probably wants to know about our nature energy," I heard a female voice call out. I looked around but saw nothing.

    "Who is there?" I asked.

    "You are late for the party Katsuna," Gama spoke to the voice. Out of the leaves in the trees above me, I saw the head of a large white slug slip out of the foliage.

    "You must be Katsuna, I presume," I stated.

    "Yes, I am," the slug replied.

    "What do you mean by nature energy?" I asked.

    "Nature energy, the energy of stillness and instinct. It is similar to body energy, the energy of strength and endurance, and mind energy of willpower and intelligence, the energies you have used to make your chakra," she said.

    "How did you know about chakra?" I asked.

    "Unlike my friends here, I am very interested in humans and the Juubi as you call it. And when I saw the Juubi attack you that day all those years ago, I couldn't help but keep my eye on you. I watched as you saved the black haired girl and as you developed human chakra. I even witnessed you combating the Juubi a few days ago. I never thought you would make your way here though," she replied. I was intrigued by this strange slug.

    "What exactly is this nature energy?"

    "Nature energy, like mind and body energy is a fundamental force in this world, that when used properly can grant great powers. The Juubi is the first to use this energy, combining mind and body with nature with its own malevolent energy to create its godlike power. The Juubi seemed to serve as a catalyst for you, by introducing chakra to your system, it gave your body a way to jump start this power. And turned your already special eyes into something of godlike power in your own right. While it is impossible for you to obtain the same chakra as the Juubi, do to you lacking demonic energy, I suspect you can gain similar power by combining your chakra with nature energy," she said.

    "Whoa there Katsuma, I hate to burst your bubble, but where you not around when we tried teaching our comrades to use nature energy. It didn't end well," Gama added.

    "What do you mean?" I asked.

    "You see these rocks?" Hebi asked me.

    "Yes," I replied.

    "These are our comrades who attempted to learn how to use nature energy and failed. They turned to stone," Gama answered. I was stunned as I looked at the stones. Some looked like snakes and others looked like frogs and slugs.

    "Why?" I asked in horror.

    "Nature energy is just that, nature. If it is not controlled, nature energy takes over one's being and body and mind are overpowered, causing the victim to become a part of nature, forever," Hebi answered.

    "I thought your species were all capable of this ability," I said as I looked at Gama.

    "We, like you, are special," Katsuma answered.

    "...I still wish to learn about it. Even if there are risks." The three of them looked at each other.

    "Very well, let us begin immediately."

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    Re: The rise of Tengen: Chapter 19

    Nicely done my friend.

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    Re: The rise of Tengen: Chapter 19

    very nice as always

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