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I begin by focusing on my wind chakra and channel it through my body into the earth and then into the lake, I then compress and manipulate the water to form into a snake like stream that goes upwards into the air a few meters, I then control it and channel more chakra into it causing it to slam into a tree.

Well it's as you said I guess, this one requires a water source, but the advantage of it is that it's not connected to your arm, nothing really interesting about this one.
Something interesting about this one is that you can control it. Dodging it isn't as easy as dodging the first one.

You've learnt:
(Suiton: Suishi no Jutsu) – Water Drowning Technique
Rank: C
Type: Offensive, supplementary
Range: Short-Mid
Chakra cost: 15
Damage points: 30
Description: After waving the Boar → Dog → Horse → Tiger hand seals, the user will gather a large amount of water to form a large spiraling stream of water. It can be guided to strike a target in a number of angles.
Note: Requires a nearby water source.

Next jutsu isn't very detailed in its description. And I couldn't find a wiki page for it. So, channel your suiton chakra into this huge lake which has been growing for some time now, manipulate the the pressure within it in a rotating manner to give it a spinning motion. This will cause a whirlpool to be created which will suck your opponent in.
Justu's name is Water Release: Great Exploding Current.