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  • Sasuke

    3 14.29%
  • Itachi

    13 61.90%
  • Kakashi

    5 23.81%
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    Re: Who's deadlier with 3T sharingan, sasuke, itachi or kakashi

    Quote Originally Posted by shelke View Post
    One additional point. His Kamui is there because Obito has it, as both eyes act as pairs. One locked it when he was only 14 and the only unlocked it around 27. Impressive indeed.
    Lol the way you irritate yourself just because someone post a post concerning Kakashi that you don't like makes me laugh. If you try to argue calmly without trying everytime to bash the character Kakashi because he is non-Uchiha possessing your beloved Sharingan, you will notice something. Well at least he unlocked something that majority of Uchihas could not even dream to unlock in their entire life. Like it or not, but mangafact says that Kakashi masters Sharingan better than your beloved Sasuke:
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