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    Re: Whos stronger? Goku or Superman?

    Quote Originally Posted by Draegod View Post
    lol thats impossible and not true.

    When first becoming SS he was at 150,000,000...

    There is no official Powerlevel scale cell saga and up! Its all speculation.
    I know you didn't know so I will explain. SSj multiples the users base power by 50, SSj2 multiples ssj by 2 and SSj3 multiples SSj2 by 4. Goku's base power level before ssj was 500000 you figure it out. His 150 million level was one time only because of his anger over Kuririn. Goku's highest power level was 500 million when fighting Kid buu on Sacred Kai Planet. Kid buu's and Broly's power levels were officially stated in V-jump. This is all canon so it's simple math. I'm not going to argue with you; I'll just say a lot of things published in V-jump never made it outside Japan and I lived there till 97' so I might know things you don't.
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