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    Contraversial threads are good. Just got to know how to handle the situation.

    Some threads have loads of information but its been buried in too many words and nonsense. It's hard to look into a thread like that and find something that's clear in a simple sentence that the point is needed to be remembered. Lack of respect for others have raised up contraversialy. When talking to others you can't let your own interest affect other. Cause even though the thread you make is interesting to you. Others might not have a taking from that.

    Start with your view point to your readers. View them as friends not rivals. But do not be overly casual. Treat them with respect.

    Speak extemporaneously. Put the ideas in your own words.

    Communication. Speak from the heart. What is important is the point, not the impression you are making of others.

    Improve your everyday conversation.

    Threads that lecture rather then conversing with people sound rude.

    Give careful thought to how you comment.

    Before speaking, see whether this is the right time to discuss a matter.

    Try to commend others.

    This is important. Do not overreact when objections are raised.

    Do not judge others and avoid being self-righteous.

    With this in mind. I'm sure there are more threads to come that are, "Over the edge". So hopefully this help. At least one person.

    Do you like contraversial threads or you try to avoid it?
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