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    Gran Enigma

    Gran Enigma

    [Gran Enigma]


    The world was born as a seed of a pure place, a place of no darkness, no sorrow. Aria, the goddess of fate kissed upon this seed and gave birth to a form of happiness that could last forever, this offspring was known as the Gran Enigma Luminous, a crystal that shined through the universe and no dark could be seen, an imbalance of perfection… a gift for a new breed known to be humans. These humans were put upon this land in order to live free and to bring happiness upon the world, Aria's most beloved creation. They were the pawns that brought happiness to fate and to mankind, until in the vicinity of the universe there was a form of darkness… this perfection lasted forever, hundreds, thousands, millions, trillions of years… until a dark touch fell upon this world for a mere second, this quick darkness was known as the Void, a point of darkness that seemed to have not existed. This quick rush of darkness made one emotion of negativity… greed. Soon after, the humans were suddenly put into a sense of power and they began to feel a sense that the Gran Enigma Luminous wasn't for them. They soon built a tower known as the Tower of Indignation… the end was near… once they reached the Crystal they began to ponder what really ran inside of these crystals… what was it… they needed the power. A large fortress-like city known as the city of the sky was built and they soon began to develop strange ancient machines to dig inside of the crystal. But Aria had felt the presence of negativity and before they could obtain the knowledge, she cast her wrath upon her creations, they betrayed her gift to them. A meteor was sent upon them and the world was broken up and the city of the sky was soon to be ruins; The crystal itself had shattered all over the world and purity dimmed down to a smaller scale. A small amount of humans had survived and reset what they had cause. Time and space was created after the crash and centuries later people thrived on the planet. But darkness began to loom and it was an ever growing illness that infected everyone. Now that negativity and darkness remained, people began to find secrets about their past and a new threat of people are beginning to want the power of the Gran Enigma Luminous again, searching for power, searching for glory… will negative emotions end…?

    Locations: [Grows as you travel]

    [Island of Aria]

    Town of Shaikos

    Shaikos Town is a small town that is located in the southern rural part of Aria Island. There is about a 215 population count here which is really low compared to the other towns. There most of the homegrown foods are farmed and sent to the other towns on the island. They are known for their summoners too, and this is the only town that you can find summoners. For the most part though, there aren't many summoners in town and they aren't at a high skill level either, which is sad considering this is the only place where summoners thrive. There is a school that teaches people how to use their gifts and abilities correctly called the Shaikos Hall for Martial Skills. The classes here consist on how to properly use a sword, bow, spear, and some forms of summoning and magic. These classes, however, are very low leveled and it's not very known outside of the town. There is a mayor's house located here who indeed is very elderly and he holds a sacred item that is rarely found throughout the world known as an Enigma Luminous(Crystal). These sacred jewels are used to create barriers at a certain length(many of them stretch far) and they protect cities and towns from monsters and smaller lifeforms that can attack humans. The crystals come in many different sizes and shapes and they were created from past civilizations. The crystal's structure inside is made up of a small unicycle technology that can be hardly seen from the eye, the only way to see it is with a transpicuous dial, but those are only a myth and they have been lost for centuries. A small shop is located here and they sell basic weapons, homegrown food products and clothing, but nothing outside of that.

    Cresimore City

    Cresimore City is the largest city on the island of Aria and it's located on the west side of the island south of Edge's Bay, a steep cliff that runs off a few miles off from the city. In terms of the formation of the city it sits on a hill so the different classes were based on the height and position of the house(there are a lot of stairs and ramps in the city that lead upward). They hold a population of around 8,678 people which is the largest of the island by far. They also have the largest government and army on the island and they say that there is a corrupt government behind it. There are different sections in the city and they all have different class systems: The Harvest, New, Full, Quarter, and Waning districts. The Harvest District is located in the center of the area, where the castle resides. In the center of the castle is a large overseeing stone sword with a Cresent Moon pattern that curves on the supposedly sharp part of the sword. It's a part of the castle and can be seen from a far distance and there is a large enigma crystal located inside of it. The government officials meet here each day in order to talk about political issues about the entire island, so in terms of government it's a monarchy. There is a king and a queen(who had died a year ago from a terrible assassination) and a princess who nobody has seen before. But, from what people have heard she loves to read books and knows a little amount of swordsmanship. The New District is where most of the rich class and the officials live. There are many large houses and courtyards here and it's located below the Harvest District. The Full District is the middle class where medium sized houses and business buildings are located, you can also find inns. It is a mixed area of different kinds of people and personalities. The Quarter district is the shopping district where many of the shops and buildings are, and last the Waning District… a place of poverty and it's the lowest class. Most of the people are friendly in this part of the city, but many stereotype them as greedy thugs.

    Requim Town

    Requim Town sits on the eastern side of the island and edges around the largest tree on the island. The tree is incredibly large and it's as if a house would be considered a beetle to the tree. The people of the two use it's nectar to make their specialty Ilex Tea that can only be found and sold from the tree. The houses rest beneath the tree and rim around the front side of it (the houses are facing Aria forest that are located West of Requim Town). People here are incredibly friendly and they are great with different types of herbs, flora, and fauna. The people here also are skilled in the art of archery and healing abilities due to their knowledge of herbs and remedies. They have a mayor here who holds an Enigma Luminous that protects them from violent and vicious creatures, but most of the peaceful animals cancel out this effect and they can enter the city at will without feeling an intense pain. A river flows through which allows the tree to continue to thrive and it is slowly expanding, it extends all the way to Aria Forest. It is known as Perish River due to a history of war on the river front centuries ago.

    Lake Spear

    Lake Spear is a beautiful lake where marine life from the ocean and ponds have mixed in a bizarre biological habitat. People from Requim have always fished here ever since the town was born and it is known for a strange rock that sticks out from the center of the lake, thus the name being spear lake. The lake in diameter is incredibly large so the rock is seen only as a dot if you look hard enough and if you stand on the rock's shore the rock extends about 235 feet in the air while the outside of the rock there are small cliff sides of limestone. There are a few fishing stores nearby and many people take boat rides in the lake in order to find good places to fish.

    Port Town Camidia

    Port Town Comidia is a town located off of the north cape of the Island of Aria and is known for shipping different goods and materials to the southern parts of the northern continent Terashonin and to the island chain Virina off towards the east. The people here are rather calm or depressed due to the fact that it rains here a lot which causes a negative atmosphere for most people. There houses here are made of white stone and there are many docks and ports off of the coast. This is the only way to travel to the other continents from the island and it's expensive to take a first class ship to the two nearby continents so it's cheaper to take lower class ships. They are the main source of fish on the island and they ship it to Cresimore City for their market district, which in return is a lot of money. The government has turned into a very shady type of government and thugs have taken a hold of this for their own benefit through bribes. Basically, many people run the town's money system, and when a bad individual becomes corrupted with the money it hurts the town overall and many people suffer from this in many different ways.

    Aria Forest

    Aria Forest is not only the only forest in the island, but one of the oldest places of the entire island and it is known to be the starting point of the island's formation. There is a history that this was actually the first place to rise above from the seas through history because the Goddess Aria had created man to hold a gift from above, the Enigma Luminous. This crystal was known to keep peace across the land and to preserve purity, and it indeed was known to be a large overbearing crystal that was literally as large as the island itself. But man wanted this unlimited energy for themselves and they built a tower in order to figure out the source of power. Through that they had built a fortress around the entire crystal and hey began to dissect it's glory, but Aria found out about this catastrophe and sent a meteor shower upon the land and through this the island had split off from the main continent and it was named after the Goddess herself. The enigma soon shattered and spread all across the land and darkness had arose once again soon to create monsters and dark beings. But they still could not come in contact or even be close to an enigma crystal without feeling a pain of purity. The forest is indeed large and is the center point of all of the cities and towns, many animals and monsters are located in the forest. Deep in the center of the forest is pond where some people have witnessed Aria herself to appear to grant people a good life, but it has been a myth for a long time.

    Forgotten Path

    Forgotten path is north of Cresimore town, a narrow path where cliffs choke the broken pathway. Many dead trees and plants are here and monsters thrive in this area. It is named the Forgotten Path for the reason that nobody has ever stepped foot on these broken and natural rocky bridge ways for centuries ever since the old civilization had their great war upon these lands. It is said to be the aftermath of the meteor ridding off all purity and where darkness formed once the civilization began to turn against the Enigma. Many of the paths here have fallen into the ocean due to natural erosion, earthquakes are common in these lands and there had been a prediction that the land will break off in the 600 years.

    Aria's Lance

    Aria's Sword is a mountain range located on a very large cape that is connected with the Forgotten path. It can be barely seen on the horizon from the top of Cresimore and is known to hold a dark evil that has been locked away ever since the world was broken… ever since purity was gone from the world there was a terrible darkness that formed into a creature, a soul that burned the opposite of a pure utopia. Many think that it doesn't exist, however, and only the devout believe that it still exists and only they have a clue of where it is in the mountain range through ancient scrolls and text. The mountain range overlooks a bluff. This crag overlooks the ocean and a path wraps around the side of the mountain into saves underneath the mountains.

    Jerad Village

    Jerad Village is a small settlement of close knit individuals each known to the other as brothers and sisters, the practice having started when most of the adults of the village were sent to war or killed over three decades ago. Since then, most of the remaining adults and teenagers took upon themselves to bring up the now orphaned children as their own, the practice found useful and since then implemented for all newborn villagers, providing more than plenty of parents for each child and permitting for those with goals not permitting them to have much of a family life to flourish without fear of leaving anyone behind.

    The settlement is on the western side of Aria forest in an area split between woodlands and plains. The woodlands providing shelter and housing, the plains farms and shops. An impressive wall protects the village from the danger of the deeper forest, making the whole place a haven for children and weaklings.

    The whole town is powered by a mixture of wind, water and fire energies and is known for it's flourishing artisan community that ranges from paper-makers to blacksmiths.

    Ruins of Urah (yor-ah)

    Laying atop a mountain, in the Aria's sword mountain range, is the frozen remains of an ancient city. This cold, desolate place is devoid of much life, besides the occasional ice giant, and is rather difficult to get to.
    Inside lie a labyrinth of rooms and corridors filled with many ancient relics and treasures from before the time the purity of the world was broken. In the very depths of this maze is a long hallway that extends of many miles and ends at a pair of large, light-wood doors. Despite the large doors the room behind them is rather small and filled with many jars that are said to hold the elixir of eternal life.

    ( )

    [Important Groups]

    Wise up! Comidia Gangs: Scarlietti Family.

    While it is no secret Comidia is corrupted to the core, outright anarchy is actually surprisingly rare. This is because by and large, the town is under control of five mayor factions, with many of the smaller gangs aligning with one or another (if they are not a downright proxy used for deniability purposes)

    By and large the most influential politically is the Scarlietti family. Three of the cities governors are firmly in their pockets, and rumour has it they have enough blackmail on the other seven to ensure that no matter what the city officials will always bow to their whims. In the long term this is actually a good thing, as the family prefers to solve problems non-violently and crack down hard on anarchists who seek to destabilise the already violent Comidian society. Their gang members are easily identifiable by the red sashes they wear somewhere on their body, and most of the upper ranks also ensure wearing at least one piece of blood red cloth somewhere on their appearance.

    The Dock Rats are their mortal enemies ever since Remius Scarlietti, son of Don Alphonse, was stabbed to death after a drug deal went wrong. Violent clashes on the eastern docks between the less numerous but better equipped Scarlietti gangers and the Dock Rat's home guard occur regularly.

    Wise up! Comidia Gangs: Dock Rats

    The Dock Rats, as their name suggests, control the largest shipping yard in Comidia. Their roots as a worker's union mean they actually take good care of their own, even going so far as running a public hospital giving away nearly free treatments to those who need it most. Unless they are a Scarlietti of course. Given their tight bonds among individual members and their strong presence in the slums, the Rats have no trouble recruiting new members and are easily the biggest gang in the city.

    Their strength is simultaneously their downfall, as they have trouble providing for everyone. On top of that, most of their recruits are little more than downtrodden slum dwellers barely able to count to ten, only adding to their pile of logistical problems. Members are identifiable by their hand made rat skull necklaces, from the initiation rite which requires fresh recruits to kill a sewer rat with their bare hands.

    [Accepted Characters, U can pick these if you don't want to make your own Bio, 1 per person]


    Name: Cecil
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Personality: Cecil is the passive-aggressive type and can hold a grudge like no other. He is however also the big brother type and tend to fiercely protects those younger, smaller or weaker than he. He like cats.
    Brief Bio: Born the eldest son of a local swordsmith, Cecil learned the ways of the sword from a young age and took a liking to the art of fencing. Setting out to the world in the hope of bringing back tales of glory and adventures to his sibling and honor to his family, this young man is ready to take on the world.
    Type: Tall
    Stat Preferred: Dexterity

    [IMG]http://t2.************/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQhk3TlsK10tNVZU5_AEhYY9ZXTQ7q_7 Q-H3cBPYGaRn9BrP0Dr&t=1[/IMG]

    Malice Cane

    Name: Malice Cane
    Gender: Male
    Race: Guardian- A mutation from the original human being. They look act and seem to be human but the difference is in their DNA. Where humans have 23 chromosomes, Guardians have 25 chromosomes. This not only increase their physical prowess past humans but also their mental and magical abilities as well. Their eyes also appear to be red in the night time and white in the daytime.
    Personality: Malice is the ideal soldier. He is loyal, respectful and humble. He is nice when he wants to be and serious when he needs to be. He is the type of person that does not hold back his thoughts which often make him come off as rude.
    Brief Bio: Malice was born into the infamous house of Cane. This Clan is known for its military and physically capable members. Members of this clan are grilled from the start to be good soldiers. This prompted Malice to train and strive to be the best throughout his life. It wasn't until he was 25 to where he left his clan and quit the military. He prefers giant, 2 handed Great swords.
    Type: Strength
    Stat Preferred: Speed


    Name: Simon
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Personality: Loud-mouthed and aggressive.
    Brief Bio: Born into a poor family, Simon had to learn how to fend for himself in the city streets. He quickly picked up on pick-pocketing but was only average at it. Everytime he messed up, he would always get caught and punished. He longed to escape being caught and began training himself to run faster. He would never be caught again.
    Type: ( Choose One: Strong, Balanced, Wise, Tall, Small, Big, or Quick) Quick
    Stat Preferred: Choose One: (Strength, Defense, Dexterity, Speed, Evasion, Magic, Magic Defense) Speed


    Name: Grave
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Personality: Grave keeps his mouth shut and eyes open. Always listening to conversations around him, which grants him the knowledge if he ever was to speak, he would know what to say, and how to say it. Although lighthearted, he will be easily angered if people are being immoral or selfish. Grave is a very shy man, especially around women. especially around women

    Brief Bio: Due to his shy nature, Grave usually strays away from groups, Doing his own thing, Mastering the art of the Bow, his accuracy is pinpoint to say the least. Sneaking up on this guy will probably lead to a bad day for anyone. Keeping in shape to improve his agility to stay alive, he is usually found practicing his shot.

    Type: Quick
    Prefered Stat: Speed

    Ellie Summerstar

    Name: Ellie Summerstar
    Age: 24 Gender: female
    Race: human ( Please ignore elf ears in the picture. Forgot to remove them >.>'' )

    Personality: Ellie is a quiet individual but don't let that fool you. She is not shy and is friendly to anyone, even her enemies (though she wishes she had the ability to curse them ). Any friends she gains she keeps close and is more than willing to protect and even die for them. However, her trust is not easily gained so becoming a close friend of hers is a challenge in itself. Having educated herself a great deal, she is very quick witted and has an easy time making sense of situations and figuring out problems. As well as that she is very in tune to others emotions and hates to see anyone sad or upset, in which case she becomes very loving and supportive. Normally she is a very carefree person and isn't at all quick to anger. Any anger or sadness she does feel is quickly bottled and let out when no one is around to see.

    Brief Bio: Ellie had a very happy childhood with two parents and an older brother. They weren't a wealthy family but they weren't poor either so live was comfortable. Her father was blacksmith by trade and sometimes would bring home little gifts for Ellie and her brother. Everything went downhill, however, when Ellie's brother was forced into the military. After this her father got sick and was no longer able to do his job and support the family. Her mother was forced to get a job working as a bar maid, leaving Ellie alone for the first time in her life. At this point she began furiously studying magic and trying to teach herself a spell that would heal her father and ultimately fix her life. She had no such luck however and by the time she knew the correct spell her father had died, leaving her a final gift (her dagger). Soon after she began fortune telling to try and help her mother with expenses. She did this for many years until her mother remarried and she was left behind. Now she travels, still telling fortunes occasionally and trying to forget her past as well as master sorcery.
    Type: Small
    Stat Preferred: Strength

    Shizuku Oda

    Name: Shizuku Oda
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human

    Personality: Shizuku loves pranks, her parents, and stealing. Brash and a bit of a tomboy, she's nonetheless got a level head on her shoulders. She loves getting the drop on people both on the job and in everyday life, freely using her sneaking skills to do so. Has a large appetite, and is often seen nibbling on a fish-stick (local delicacy, small seafood attached to a small spit). In her spare time aside from pranking she enjoys physical exercise and talking about everything and nothing. She has a soft spot for children.

    Brief Bio: Shizuku's cheerful nature comes from her mother, who owns a rather well off tavern in Port Comidia. Her father claimed to be a business man, and was away often. When he came back though, it was always a happy time. Her mother would take a day or two off from work, and they would go out as a family to spend some of the new wealth her father would have accumulated over his travels.

    When she turned twelve, her father had had enough of her incessant bugging about his work, and decided to show her. Beginning with lessons in picking locks and sneaking around, Shizuku soon figured out what her father's line of work was: Thieving. And highly successful thieving at that.

    Wondering why her mother was okay with it, it turned out she was also a thief. They had met in a somewhat cliché 'raiding the same house' type tale that sparked off a rivalry between the two culmunating in a competition who could gather the most swag in a single night, loser being forced to do whatever the winner desired.

    When Shizuku asked her mother if she was okay with being forced to marry like that and give up her thieving ways, the response was 'Dear Shizu, what makes you think daddy won?'

    Her apprenticeship under her parents finally completed, Shizuku is currently free to pursue whatever goals she wants. What that is, she isn't quite sure. Currently she simply wants to move out from under her parents wings and strike out on her own for a while, maybe even secure some downright mystical treasure! Well, a girl can dream can't she?

    She specialises in using a mixture of sneakiness combined with high explosives to get to her targets, and isn't shy about using either in a combat mode should it be needed.

    Type: Wise
    Stat Preferred: Dex

    Alex Hill

    Name: Alex Hill

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human

    Personality: Craft is a happy go lucky and very out going person, he will happily talk to strangers and is prone to trusting them. He will usually take everything at face value and can be very naive.

    Brief Bio: Craft was born into a farmers town and was happy to take over the farm when he was needed. Then one day Craft discovered he had quite a bit of talent in magic, once he learned this, he decided to set off on to a journey to discover if there were anything better in life for him. He left his parents and his younger siblings and wandered off.

    Type: Small

    Stat Preferred: Magic

    Lily Aeramis

    Name: Lily Aeramis
    Mercenary Alias: Slayer Aera
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Race: Half-elf
    Appearance: Lily is a half-elf of medium height, with a lean, muscular build and a decent bust size. Her natural skin colour is a chocolate brown. Her elven lineage is impossible to be discerned from her appearance as she lacks any of her traits- even her ears are just vaguely pointed in shape. She has a fine, youthful face, that had a healthy beauty to it, but not to the point of turning heads in a crowd. Her pale hair is kept long, but tied back in a short ponytail. Lily is usually seen wearing a worn leather armour with metal plates covering vital parts of her body. A skirt covers her legs. On her back hangs a spear, and her small round buckler hangs by her side, ready to be drawn at a moment's notice.

    Personality: Lily is a quiet person, preferring to keep to her thoughts than to express her own opinions. Whatever words she uses are brief and direct, and most of them are often profanities. She is sadistic and loves inflicting pain on other people, something she can do in her line of work. Lily is captivated by the power of death as well. However, this does not mean she is a psychopath. A certain amount of self-control is exercised by her mind over her darker urges, as such she can form normal relationships with other people, although she currently has no friends aside from her father. Her face often displays a neutral expression, but she smiles a lot in combat.
    Likes: Reading, exercise, combat
    Dislikes: Dirt, noisy places

    Brief Bio: Lily was raised by her human father. As a captain of the army, he raised his only child to continue his legacy. She was trained as a soldier since young, enduring weapon drills and exercises daily until she was fourteen, when she was finally admitted into the army. There, she excelled much to her father's pleasure. However, if there was one thing that went wrong with her upbringing, it would be her cruel and sadistic nature. Lily was expelled from the legion for misconduct and causing the death of another recruit. With her only talent being that of battle, she became a freelance mercenary against her father's wishes.

    Type: Big

    Stat Preferred: Strength

    Weapon of Choice: Spear and Buckler

    Serpent Strike- Lily dashes forward three steps with unnatural speed to deliver a terrible blow with her weapon.


    -Don't Godmod
    -At least when you are traveling please don't post one liners, battles are a different story though, they can be
    shorter posts

    -Do not argue with eachother, and we will get along
    -During fights DON'T post multiple times.. you can only make three moves in between each time
    -When new people join they will start at the same level as the highest leveled person
    -Have fun!

    [RP Type]

    This is an rp, but it is also a game. When you rp you travel around and rp normally like you would, but for battles it turns into an rpg game. You can be very free style as you battle enemies, however these are defaults that everyone has the option to do during battle:

    Leveling Up and Getting Stronger:

    Each time you level up you receive SP(Stat Points) and CP(Creative Points). Stat points are used to boost your stats like attack, defense, speed, etc. while creative points are used to create moves, the more CP you use the more effective it is, but the cost becomes greater. You can upgrade your attacks with your CP as well. Make sure to use brackets in the IC when you are trying to tell me to upgrade or create something.


    Battles are turn based in the rp. Once all of the in battle players say the move they will make the GM will post and the outcome of the fight will commence. If you rush into enemies as a surprise you can initiate a preemptive hit allowing you to attack for a free turn, but they can also ambush you which is the opposite effect, they attack you for a free turn.

    [Bio Template]

    Brief Bio:
    Type: ( Choose One: Strong, Balanced, Wise, Tall, Small, Big, or Quick)



    HP: 80
    SP: 35
    MP: 3
    Strength: 19
    Defense: 13
    Dexterity: 12
    Speed: 9
    Evasion: 11
    Magic: 3
    Magic Defense: 4


    HP: 75
    SP: 25
    MP: 25
    Strength: 10
    Defense: 10
    Dexterity: 10
    Speed: 10
    Evasion: 10
    Magic: 10
    Magic Defense: 10


    HP: 65
    SP: 20
    MP: 30
    Strength: 9
    Defense: 10
    Dexterity: 15
    Speed: 9
    Evasion: 4
    Magic: 16
    Magic Defense: 12


    HP: 40
    SP: 8
    MP: 40
    Strength: 5
    Defense: 6
    Dexterity: 14
    Speed: 16
    Evasion: 14
    Magic: 13
    Magic Defense: 11


    HP: 77
    SP: 25
    MP: 20
    Strength: 15
    Defense: 9
    Dexterity: 14
    Speed: 11
    Evasion: 8
    Magic: 11
    Magic Defense: 9


    HP: 90
    SP: 45
    MP: 15
    Strength: 14
    Defense: 18
    Dexterity: 9
    Speed: 4
    Evasion: 3
    Magic: 9
    Magic Defense: 16


    HP: 70
    MP: 30/20
    Strength: 12
    Defense: 7
    Dexterity: 20
    Speed: 25
    Evasion: 18
    Magic: 3
    Magic Defense: 4


    The rules are still pretty vague, it isn't a typical random NB RP.. but for now let's just try it and have fun, as long as you keep it realistic and don't kill somebody in one attack phase

    [Intro Music]

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