Okay people since I am now RokuNR's senpai(bless the guy) I can now train in the basic 5 elements which are Water, Fire, Earth, Wind, and Lightning. I will be taking 10 students max and maybe later will take a little more. There are rules to me training you though.

1. If you already have a teacher in an element and want me to teach you in the same element make sure you have proof of them saying its okay I take over.

2. If your teacher in the element you want me to train with you hasnt replied within a couple of days do not apply cause that is messed up and shows how impatient you are.

3. I will have all your threads subscribed so you dont have to bug me but if I dont reply withing 2 days then just leave 1 vm on my wall.

4. If this thread is close(I can close it cause premium membership) that means I am full and just wait.

5. Once I finish your training please wait till you reapply in here cause there are other people that need training.

6. If you are going to be inactive for any reason just tell me and your training will be on hold which means I will pickup another student to you get back and than when you do I will pick up your training.

Application Format
Link to Approved Bio:
Element You Want Training:
Favorite KG and Character:
NB Goals(likev2-4):
Anything you know of me :

Taking 10 students right now :p