The big three really only exists really everywhere but Asia (cuz Asia got such kick ass anime none of them is really > each other)

The big 3 consists of bleach naruto one piece

Bleach while it is amazing (and repetitive cuz Ichigo never really dies when he's suppose to or lose his powers fully) the anime is over.. Manga still going I hear but the thing I liked most about bleach was watching it b so kick ass

Naruto is supposedly coming to a close (not the anime taking wild long for it to cetch up to manga) it still got like another year left but still coming to a close

One piece it just never ends lml

So who should b the next big 3
For me one piece is still there it's highest grossing anime/manga in history and isn't close to ending at all

Fairytail should b up for consideration it's amazing and has excellent fights as well as plot some say it doesn't but I disagree yes the plot is not straight toward as most but thts because they develops each charaecters with all of them having desperate goals so its like a plot for each charaecters

The 3rd is a prob I would say reborn but its anime ended manga still going but idk the 3rd

What y'all think