Bleach Online
Chapter Two

Montana: What’re they doing here?

Khao: Oh look, a human who doesn’t know any better..

Khao looked at Montana, with the most expressionless look, but with the intent to kill in his eyes; this man was a true Arrancar. He was bald, but had a very muscular figure; he only wore black pants with a blood red belt. His Katana case had a red tint in the holder.

Montana: Pfft.

Montana dashed forwards, unsheathing his Katana, Khao simply teleported behind him, withdrawing his blade from the holder lunging it forwards in his opponents back. Montana fell down instantly as his health regenerated slowly.

Khao: I just took like 2/3’s out in one stab. You’re ****ed.

He brought his arm up, ready for the last stab.

Grei: Stop.

Grei quickly formed a bright red bow in his hand, pulling the string on the bow back, a black arrow instantly formed as an arrow was shot forwards penetrating the chest of the Arrancar.

Grei: Enjoy being paralyzed. I said no violence.

William: Why are you three here?

Grei: I thought we could have a chat.

William: Only thing I’d love to do is rip your damn head off Quincy.

Grei: Such hostility.

William: Quincy reject.

Grei: The Quincies don’t know their true power. I have awakened their true power.

William quickly unsheathed his Zanpakto, dashing forwards, flash stepping every direction. Grei quickly jumped into the air, a small silver menu opened in front of him, clicking on his items. Clicking one, a hilt of a blade formed in his hand, reiatsu formed a blade where the hilt ended. With his new reiatsu blade, he parried Williams attack.

William: Good swordsmanship Quincy.

Grei: It’s not over yet.

William: “Darkinami, Mugen.”

Black reiatsu filled the stairs, William’s Shinigami suit startle to bristle, as it instantly bursted into black flames, his white sash also copied this transformation. His Zanpakto quickly took the form of a scythe, with a silver blade, having two colors lined up equally on the blade as next to the silver rested the black color.

William: This is the power of Hell!

Bringing his Scythe into the air he brung it down with a brute force.

William: Reiatshi!

A black wave of reiatsu was sent forwards at a fast speed towards Grei, as the Quincy jumped into the air, thrusting his sword forwards as it clashed with the blast, sending him flying backwards he quickly retained balance, a ball of reiatsu formed in his palm, activating his quincy bow.

Grei: Grekei Aodin!

His eyes glew a piercing red, multiple arrows were shot from his bow, with a homing intention towards William. William easily parried the first few, only to be struck in the chest with the last one as it instantly exploded.

Grei: Haha. I’m a level Quincy. With Hollow genetics, who knew the hollow powers would increase Quincy powers?

William: Foolish.

Lunging his arm forwards, sending his scythe blade into the back of Grei, and sending the Quincy to his knees.

Brandon: Bring it *****.

Khao: You’re funny!

Khao unsheathed his blade, as Brandon did the same, each slash of their blades they clashed, sending multiple shockwaves around the area.

Brandon: How come you serve that Quincy?

Brandon parried the blade of Khao.

Khao: Survival of the fittest, I’m on the winning team..

Brandon smirked, placing his index and middle finger on the tip of his blade.

Brandon: Balen Dagon.

Dark blue reiatsu filled the area, creating a large cloud of smoke around the two Arrancar. A silhouette of Brandon’s new form could barely be seen.

There stood a monster, with dark blood red wings, a mask burnt down to the skull, but it appeared to be an arrancar mask, his eyes was glowing a bright red. He resembled Satan himself.

Brandon: CERO!

A black ray of reiatsu went flying forwards, aiming directly for Khao as it hit him dead on in the chest.

Khao: You’re strong.

Brandon: Heh, don’t need your opinion.

Khao smirked as he cracked his neck, quickly he placed his sword at his side.

Montana: Tristan, come on, duo attack let’s go!

Tristan: Alright, go!

They both ran side to side, Balan watched them closely as he aggressively withdrew his zanpakto.

Montana dashed to the front, Tristan quickly pounced into the air, behind Balan.

Balan: I’m completely out of your league.

His blade begun to emit a blood red reiatsu, throwing it forwards, whiplashing it as it shot waves of dark reiatsu. One of them hit Montana dead on. Tristan tried blocking it, as his blade cracked he jumped to the left, dodging it by a hair, the heat of the blast caused his skin to melt just a bit, sending his HP bar down slowly.

Tristan: Montana?

Montana’s body laid there, unconscious, it didn’t move. Tristan instantly ran over to his fallen friend, dropping to his knees.
Tristan: Dammit.

Tristan looked behind him, seeing that Balan stood there, laughing with insanity. As the boy looked down at his blade his eyes begun to glow a bright white color, his blade quickly reformed, emitting a white lightning shock out of the blade.

Tristan: Full bring, "Path" of light.

Dashing forwards, his sword begun to glow a white color, moving his foot forwards, he teleported beside Balan, swinging his blade at his abdomen, hitting directly to his target.

Tristan: You just killed my best friend, I’m going to kill you.

Balan: He’s not dead. He’s making his decision..

Tristan:I don't care, his HP bar is empty!

Balan: He’s deciding on what he will do. You both are humans, of course you’re a special human, part of the FullBring users. You’ve got more power in that fullbring then you wield now. Montana was killed by me, an inner Hollow. When I kill people, I set some of my spirit essence, which I’m making him 1/3 Hollow.

In this game, your race takes over your personality. It’s what makes this game real. Brandon and Jarrad are the next to betray you. Jumping to the left, Tristan dashed at him once more, Balan parried Tristans attack, health bar dropping quickly each passing moment

Tristan: Shut up!

Balan: Awaken..

Raising his blade up, Montana’s body began to shake. Standing up, his shirt was instantly burned to dust, his skin started to fade into a white color, his eyes started to flash a yellow color, but a dark essence took the color of his retinas. His hair quickly dropped to his lower back, fading into the color black.

Balan: Your friend is now an inner Hollow. His level was boosted to 100 in this form. Brandon and Jarrad are 45 in their release forms.

Grei quickly stood up, his body disappeared. Khao quickly disappeared as well, Balan jumped into the air.

Grei: Heh, say hello to your new friend.

Khao: Muhaha!

Balan: Heh. You’re gonna ha-

Jarrad: Cero Oscuras

A dark green cero wave was emitted from Jarrads finger tip, it had wide range, and at point blank range slamming directly into Balan, hitting him dead on.

Smoke filled the area, but a shadow of Balan could be seen, half of his body was gone, falling directly to the stairs of the Soul Society palace, rolling down the steps as he reached the bottom, dead. His body then faded like a ghost in the light.

Grei and Khao quickly teleported through a Garganta before the smoke cleared.

Jarrad: There.

Brandon: Where the hell were you all this time?!

Jarrad: Forming the Cero Oscuras. It’s hard to use without being released, I didn’t have time.

William: Montana is just standing there, his appearance isn’t good looking.. Creepy.

Jarrad: He’s got a hollow like appearance.

Tristan: Then let’s see what we can do to help.

Brandon: No.. He’s a Vasto LORDE!!

A sound of screaming could be heard, a sound of screaming and screeching filled the distance. Red reiatsu was emitting from Montana, a hole started to form in his chest, growing a gray tail, picking his blade up off the ground, he pointed the tip at Tristan.

(Hollowified)Montana: Cero!

A boulder sized sphere formed at the tip of his blade, radiating nothing but dark reiatsu, easily causing dark rays of energy to release from the middle.


Brandon jumped out of the way, flying up into the skys of Soul Society, Jarrad quickly caught up using Sonido.

Tristan: I’ll take this head on! He can’t be lost, I’ll save him!

William quickly dashed over to Tristan, grabbing him; he quickly noticed a hand around his chest, swinging backwards he clashed his blade into William’s Scythe, send him flying quickly reverting from Shikai he left his comrade to choose his own decision.

Tristan dashed forwards, ready to take the Cero head on.

???: Scatter..

A figure in a purple cloak shoved Tristan out of the way with one hand, the strangers blade lit up pink color, disintegrating into thousands of bright pink rose petals, flying all towards Montana, cutting mostly around his face, slicing off his right horn. The Cero instantly exploded, sending Tristan back as he was caught by the stranger, flying into the air.

Tristan: Who the hell are you?! *Breaking away from the strangers grip*

???:I just saved your life, and you don’t say thanks?

Tristan: Why’d you cut his horn off?

???: It stops the Hollowification process, he will return to normal.

Tristan: So what? He’s done?

???: Not really, the hollow he transformed into wasn’t a real Hollow. It was the real form of a Inner hollow’s release form, a complete inner hollow. A Vasto Lorde. When I ended his Hollowfication, the essence spirit of that inner hollow stayed put in his soul, you will have many occasions such as this one, but he won’t be as strong.

Tristan: Dammit.

They both looked at Montana’s body, his skin started to form crack linings all around his body as they followed one another, his hollow body simply fell off like a shell, breaking into multiple pieces of pebbles blowing away in the wind. His hair quickly faded into the sky, his eyes shut, retaining their normal brown color.

???: Nice hollow powers. My shikai takes half of my reiatsu, damn.

Walking up to the motionless body of Montana, he opened his left eye, managing to speak a small sentence.

Montana: It’s you..

End Of Chapter 2.