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    Naruto Manga 613 & 14 Prediction

    Can't be bothered to do a long one , like usual

    __________________________________________________ ________-

    Naruto Manga Chapter 613: Awakening

    Chapter starts with Naruto throwing his FRS at Madara.

    Madara prepares to absorb it once more talking about how pathetic Naruto and everyone else is, but just before Madara can absorb it Naruto enlargens it with natural energy and Madara's hand is cut off by one of the shuriken blades before Madara can use Shinra Tensei to disperse it. Naruto and the others use that opening to land on the Juubi to actually get close to the two of them.

    Naruto charges Madara and attacks with taijutsu, but Madara counters him and Naruto is thrown several metres away. Meanwhile Obito is bombarded by midrange jutsu which force him to keep immaterial. Interspersed between those scenes are panels of the outer shell of the Juubi getting more rips. Gai and Lee step into Naruto's place and are about to attack him when the Naruto who was thrown away notices the coming danger with his sage senses and warns everyone to get away from the Juubi.

    The outer shell of the Juubi breaks and a chakra aura erupts which turns every shinobi other than Madara and Obito that comes in contact with it into ashes. Of the named characters Gai and Lee are too close and Gai's reaction is delayed because he throws Lee back to safety. The aura washes over him and Gai vanishes. A moment later Gai appears carried by Naruto who managed to get to him before the aura could do more than burn away one of Gai's arms.

    Chapter ends with the true form of the Juubi stepping out of its shell still encased in that deadly aura saying that it's been too long. That's our christmas cliffhanger

    ( we all know , kishi loves to make it appear that somethings happening n then next chapter still on the same spot)

    Naruto Manga Chapter 614 :Terror

    Everyone is shocked by the Juubi's new appearance and is wondering how they'll get at Madara and Obito as long as they are protected by the Juubi's aura.

    The Juubi takes a look around and recognizes Madara and Obito as descendants of Rikudou by the darkness they carry within them, because it's something he left within Rikudou as insurance for his eventual rebirth. He actually refers to Rikudou by his actual name.

    Madara and Obito try to control it, but the Juubi only laughs and says that he'll watch what they are going to do with his power and that it had better be something amusing.

    Madara then uses his next apocalypse jutsu which causes lightning to rain down from the skies like rain and causes a giant earthquake at the same time. Both of which kill thousands of shinobi at the same time.

    So wat do you guys think? don't judge me this was rushed lol

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    Re: Naruto Manga 613 & 14 Prediction

    Sounds like 2 pretty epic Chapters to me! The disintegration aura sounds sick!

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    Re: Naruto Manga 613 & 14 Prediction

    Wow . Why would you let Guy come into harm. You sick sick person. Nice predictions though

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    Re: Naruto Manga 613 & 14 Prediction

    too many casualties...-_-
    kishi won't let anyone die...

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    Re: Naruto Manga 613 & 14 Prediction

    It's plausible

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