1. Gaara's Sand.

Gaara is shown to easily counter Amaterasu with his sand, technically he could also use the Amaterasu flames against you, example if you have comrades along with you.

2. Pure Speed

Raikage dodged Amaterasu flawlessly without much effort, speed like 8 Gates should do the same.

3. Shinra Tensei

The gravity force can be used to push the flames away.

4. Gentle Fist: One Body Blow and 8-Trigrams Palms Rotation

Similar to Shinra Tensei but it uses chakra to push the flames away. Palms Rotation is basically the spinning variant of One Body Blow.

5. Fire Sealing Method

Shown by Jiraiya, its capable of even sealing Amaterasu effortlessly.

So my point, every jutsu has a weakness, no jutsu is perfect.