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    How sage beat the juubi (What do you believe?)

    Theory Number 1:
    The Sage used Sage mode, since the Juubi is pure natural chakra as confirmed by Kurama in 610, he took in a lot of Juubi's chakra when he used sage mode and then sealed the remainder inside of him
    Theory Number 2:
    The Sage used his treasured tools and gave the Juubi a hard time, was a powerful shinobi beside this
    The Main theory:
    Sage was born with rinnegan and was immensely strong, defeated juubi with ease for more power, was half senju half uchiha
    The new Theory:
    The Sage was born from an Uzumaki lineage, and sealed the Juubi, forming rinnegan. Used COAT to create his sons.
    Which one do you agree with?
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