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    Dawn of Ten Blades (Akastsuki No Espada) chapter 2

    (Hey guys! Just got back from my Karate test. Happy about my promotion :D and happy I can continue this fanfic. On that note, I am thinking of ideas for the fanfiction to replace Dragon and the Dove as it will soon come to a close, as well as the one to replace Zenkutsu when it reaches it's inevitable end. I have an idea for some post war original characters, for one, but please give some ideas for another!)

    For new readers and regulars, you may follow the link the fanfic's link in my signature to find my other works and chapters

    Chapter 2: Strawberry Pork (5 kumi for those who understand the reference

    I sat up after falling into the weirdest hole in the floor as I entered my apartment. I had just finished a mission and planned to relax with some ramen and a nap. But out of nowhere there was this strange light, and the next thing I know I am falling through my floor and land on this weird guy in a Halloween costume holding a sword that would make Zabuza jealous. His hair was a deep shade of orange. and he stood about my height. He was there with a girl that looked slightly younger, also in the same getup, holding a katana. But despite the scowl she gave, she was even cuter then Sakura-chan.

    "Who the hell are we?" the carrot top asked, "We should be asking you since you fell on our heads."

    "Be careful Ichigo," the cute girl warned the guy, "he might be an one of Aizen's arrancar."

    "Yeah yeah, I get it," Ichigo replied. "Lets find out Rukia." Ichigo charged me with his big sword. Frantic, I jumped out of the way.

    "If that's how you want to play it then fine," I said as I made a cross with my fingers. "Kage Bushin no jutsu!" I screamed as 10 clones appeared around me. I seemed to catch them by surprise as my clones attacked them.

    "Shadow clones?" Ichigo asked as he cleaved through the clones and turned to puffs of smoke.

    "Jutsu?" the girl asked with him. "What is that?" the girl asked as she too fended off my clones. I stopped for a moment.

    "Are you two serious? How do you not know what jutsu is? What kind of ninja are you?" I asked.

    "What the hell are you talking about? Ninja? Are you some kind of circus performer?" the orange headed guy asked.

    "What kind of arrancar are you?" the girl asked.

    "Arran- what? What kind of rocks do you guys live under that you have never heard of shinobi?"

    "You dumbass, we know what a ninja is, but what kind of insane idiot runs around claiming to be one other then a preschooler? Ninja's havn't been around in Japan for hundreds of years," Carrot top replied.

    "Where the hell am I? I never heard of this Japan? Is it somewhere near Takigakure? (village hidden by a waterfall)"

    "What psych ward let you loose? But if you see Rukia and I, then that means you are either a soul reaper or a hollow, and I don't see a Zanpakuto. So I am gonna get rid of you once and for all! Getsuga Tensho!" he said as he swung his blade and let loose a wave of energy. I quickly brought out a clone as it weaved chakra in my hand.

    "I don't know what you are talking about, but you can't beat me. Rasengan!" I said as I ran forward with the sphere of chakra. Our attacks collided, resulting in a huge explosion that sent us all flying. The dust settled and there was a huge crater where our attacks collided.

    "Ichigo! You idiot! What if he is a human with special powers like Chad or Orihime? You could have killed him!" the black haired girl screamed at Ichigo. I stood right up and looked at her.

    "What do you mean "if"? Of course I'm human, what else would I be? I yelled at them.

    "See I told you Ichigo!" the girl said as she slammed her fist right into Ichigo's head.

    "Geez, sorry, but how many humans other then chad, orihime and Uryu do you know with weird powers? I've never seen anything like those," he replied.

    "What's your name?" the girl asked.

    "I am Naruto Uzumaki! And what about you?"

    "I am Rukia Kuchiki, and this dingnut is Ichigo Kurosaki. I have never seen you before, where are you from?"

    "From Konohagakure, the village hidden in the leaves. Couldn't you tell from my headband?"

    "See Rukia, I told you he was nuts, he lives in a pile of leaves," Ichigo said before getting socked between the eyes.

    "I've never heard of it, and what does your headband have to do with it?" Rukia replied.

    "How couldn't you? The village hidden in the leaves is one of the greatest ninja villages and one of the 5 great shinobi capitals. My headband bears its symbol," I replied, "and where am I now?"

    "Just outside of Karakura town," Ichigo said as he stood back up.

    "I am really confused," I replied. Suddenly out of the corner of my eye I saw a man in a green coat, wooden clogs and a hat appear out of nowhere beside me. He startled me, causing me to jump and land flat on my back.

    "Ah ha, I knew my theory was correct. If all of you would follow me, I think I can answer all of your questions," the man said.

    "Kisuke?" Rukia asked as she looked at the man, "What do you have to do with this?"

    "Kon just broke the universe is all. Nothing to worry about."


    "Uchiha...Madara," I found myself saying the unfamiliar name. Kaneme suddenly jumped out in front of me and prepared himself.

    "Lord Aizen, I shall handle this intruder!" he said as lunged forward without my permission, performing a lethal cut across the mans neck. Kaneme turned around and sheathed his blade. But a look of absolute fear overcame him as the voice rang out behind him.

    "What was that supposed to be?" Madara asked as he stepped out from behind Kaneme and faced him. Glaring at the blind soul reaper with the one red eye.

    "How interesting?" Gin mused from behind my right side.

    "How? How can you still be standing?" Kaneme asked.

    "You act like a swordsmen but don't know the difference between slashing flesh and thin air," Madara stated. Gin appeared next to him and held his Zanpakuto to Madara's eye.

    "Shoot him dead: Shin-" Gin began before a man appeared and grabbed the blade, bringing his hand down and snapping the sword in half. Gin's eyes opened up jumped back with the stump of his sword. I couldn't help but stare at the man.

    "Kurusaki? it can't be," I thought aloud. The man had Ichigo's orange hair and stood at the same height. But he wore the same cloak as Madara, his skin was pale and was covered in black piercings. His most noticeable difference was the ringed purple eyes.

    "Nagato, I did not need you to intervene, but as long as you are here summon the other akatsuki," Madara commanded. Another person in the same robe appeared, she was like the second, with pale pierced skin and the same purple eyes, with orange hair. She slammed her hands into the ground. 8 other people along with 4 others with piercings and orange hair appeared around them.

    "Madara, you seem to have surrounded yourself with interesting individuals. Shall we talk about it back at las Noches?" I asked.

    "Very well," he replied.

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    Re: Dawn of Ten Blades (Akastsuki No Espada) chapter 2

    Good job capturing Madara's characteristics. It's not bad.

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    Re: Dawn of Ten Blades (Akastsuki No Espada) chapter 2

    Pein broke Gin's toy )))

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