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    How to use REAL Chakra

    Process is rather simple, you will feel a small tingling feeling in your palms or fingers.

    Here are the steps:

    1. Close your eyes, visualize a ball of energy in your stomach, below your naval.

    2. Now imagine a stream of energy flowing out of that ball, up to your chest, past your shoulder, down into your hands...

    3. Try repeating this process until you feel a sort of feeling, could be wind, a tinglish feeling of any sort in your hands

    4. You could try putting your hands together as if you are holding a small invisible ball, you will begin to feel some sort of energy!

    5 Now think to yourself.......

    Why the hell are you even trying this? Lol nobody can do Rasengans.....

    But if you felt something, you have magical powers :D
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