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    埴之塚 光邦 Haninozuka Mitsukuni

    Basic Information

    Name : 埴之塚 光邦 Haninozuka Mitsukuni
    Nickname : Honey-Senpai | Mitsukuni-kun | Loli-Shota |
    Gender : Male
    Age : 18 years old
    Clan : N/A

    Looks :
    Honey is quite short for his age with a very childish face (This is explained by his birthday being on leap year, February 29th, so it only comes once every 4 years making him "4" years old). He used to be 148cm.

    He has short blonde hair, pale skin and is usually seen with the standard school uniform. He is also seen mainly with his stuffed rabbit Usa-chan (BunBun).

    He is rarely seen without Takashi "Mori" Morinozuka. He is almost always on Mori's shoulder's. he is also super cute!

    Personality :
    He appears to be dimwitted, but actually is very smart, and is able to see that Tamaki, Hikaru, and Kaoru have feelings for Haruhi. Even though he is usually happy, he can be angered somewhat easily, and can be very intimidating to the other hosts. He has a blood type AB, the same as Kyoya's, which causes him to be very temperamental when awoken early in the morning or from a nap. Also, since he has Type AB blood, most of the host club members (with the exception of Mori and Haruhi), believe Honey must have a split personality - a "Dark" Honey, and a "Nice" Honey. This is shown to be true, though less dramatic than expressed by The Hitachiin brothers and Tamaki. Honey is the only one of the host club members who addresses the other hosts using "chan" and abbreviating their names (ex: Haru-Chan for Haruhi, Tama-Chan for Tamaki, Hika-Chan for Hikaru, Kao-Chan for Kaoru.) He is very good at social studies, and is at the top of his class. However, he gets sad or upset easily if somebody doesn't like Usa-Chan or cake. He thinks Cake will solve all the issues in the world. He can also be very kind, sweet, and sometimes he helps people figure out their feelings. He loves to help others figure out who they are, because he used to have trouble figuring it out himself, until Tamaki told him it was okay for him to like sweet things.

    "We've had enough of this! You're both to blame for this fight! Hika-chan and Kao-chan, I want you to make up and go halfsies on this cake, okay? But, I want to have a piece too, so I guess we're gonna have to go thirdsies. We're not going to be able to split the strawberry on top though. What should we do? Maybe I should just take it. After all, strawberries are my favorite. Oh, I forgot to ask, Hika-chan, Kao-chan, do you like strawberries?"

    Village Info

    Village of Birth : Konahagakure
    Village of Alliance : N/A

    Rank//Chakra Info

    Ninja Rank : Chunin in posts
    Specialty : N/A

    Earth - Needs Training

    Basic E-Rank Ninjutsu
    (Bunshin No Jutsu) - Clone Technique
    Chakra Cost:5
    Damage Points:N/A
    Description:A clone made of the user that can move but(cannot use any jutsu)This clone is merely an illusionary projection of the user.
    Note:The clone jutsu can be made with different elements and is a D-Rank jutsu under its own element(Mizu/Water Tsuchi/Earth Sumi/Ink)

    (Bikoku Ninjutsu) - Shadow Stealth Technique
    Chakra Cost:5
    Damage Points:N/A
    Description:This jutsu lets the user follow the target covert by concealing the users presence.

    (Henge no Jutsu) - Transformation Technique
    Damage Points:N/A
    Description: Henge no Jutsu is a Ninjutsu technique, which every ninja learns at the Ninja Academy. Henge allows the ninja to transform themselves into any person or object. This allows the ninja to move with stealth or to trick their opponents.

    (Gokan Sakusou) - 5 Senses Confusion Disorder
    Chakra Cost:N/A
    Damage Points:N/A
    The user throws an explosive kunai at their target and the mist spreads threw the air.This jutsu causes the opponent to be hit by attacks even though they think they dodged it or countered it.This effect lasts for 2 turns.

    (Kawarimi no Jutsu) - Change of Body Stance Technique
    Chakra Cost:5
    Damage Points:N/A
    Description: Kawarimi no Jutsu is a basic Ninjutsu technique. When in danger the ninja will quickly substitute themselves with another nearby object. This can be a block of wood or even another person. This allows the ninja to quickly flee and hide while the original object takes the brunt of their opponents attack.

    (Nawanuke No Jutsu) - Escape Skill
    Chakra Cost:5
    Damage Points:N/A
    Description:Using chakra the user can escape from being tied down(only works with non-chakra ropes).

    (Kakuremino No Jutsu) - Magic Cloak Of Invisibility Technique
    Chakra Cost:5
    Damage Points:N/A
    Description:The user will pull out a cloak that is pre designed for their use.Then by using ninjutsu they make the cloth blend into the background(Konohamaru used this to follow Naruto in episode 2 and got caught because he was holding the cloak wrong).Skilled ninja can see through this jutsu(Rank c and above)

    Background Info :
    Haninozuka Mitsukuni (Honey) was born and raised in Konahagakure. Upon greeting each other, it is tradition for family members to fight, as a reminder to always keep your guard up. It also seems that height is not an important factor as it is mentioned that "There are more small people in the family than not"

    Honey grew up with his cousin Takashi Morinozuka. The Morinozuka family has served the Haninozuka family for generations, until the two lines were joined by marriage. Takashi (or Mori) has always looked afterHoney, even when they were young children. Takashi often refers to Honey as Mitsukuni.

    Upon going to school with Mori Honey meets many friends when he joins the 'Host Club' where guys with to much time on their hands entertain ladies you also have too much time on their hands. Tamaki Suoh was the guy that recruited Honey into the club, Tamaki also being it's leader. Honey likes and cares about Tamaki very much, he was the one to tell Honey that it was okay to like sweet and cute things, as long as it was what made him happy. Honey, who had been wanting to embrace that part of himself for quite a while, was thankful and touched that Tamaki told him it was okay. Honey is also the first to speak up and defend Tamaki against anyone who curses him. Honey feels a little indebted towards Tamaki, as he was the one who allowed him to break free and become the lolita-boy he is today.

    Honey made many friends in the club, like Kyoya, Kaoru and Hikaru and also Haruhi. He still hangs out with thee club today going on many adventures, and also developing his Ninjutsu in what free time he has left.

    "Nobody can change who I am and I'm very grateful to Tama-chan and all of the Host Club because they show me that. So...lets settle this like men in a Haninozuka style, Yasuchika"


    Honey is seen with Kunai and Shuriken

    Background music and theme

    Won : 0
    Lost : 0

    PS - Meh first bio!

    ~Approved~ have fun RPing
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