This is something Jake was working on before he got sick...I hope he won't mind me posting it under my name. ^^'

Anyways, this is set in the province of Skyrim on the continent of tamriel which if your a gamer know all about if you've played the game...anyways for newcomers to the series, here's a link to the wiki.

The state of events is this: the rebellion was successful and the imperial forces have been driven out of Skyrim. Now, with a new government to get off the ground, rebuilding a standing army, as well as restoring the provinces war-torn cities, the residents of skyrim will have many problems even with the imperial threat momentarily defeated.

Bio template:

Race: Nord

Name: Aisera

Brief history (optional) A soldier in the civil war, she now wishes to return to normal life but knows it more likely than not will not be that simple.

Looks: (optional)
Anyways...I'm not the best with this stuff do I hope people like it...