3 days ago i was introduced to Bakuman. And i've read 60 chapters so far, and i guess im trying to spread the word...So here goes.
It's is basically about two teenagers that wanna be mangaka. And in the process we, as readers get to see a lot of the behind the scenes type things you might not have known about. One of this manga's strongest points, is that in one chapter the authors can make it seem like 10. Check it out and you'll know what i mean. they make full use of every page, every single bubble of dialog, and it really shows. The art work is really out standing, as i would expect from Takeshi obata. It really has a realistic feeling to it, and it really sucked me, and a lot of my friends. Never in the 9 years i've read manga have i ever been rooting for the protagonists, hell, for the most part i'm a sadistic and root for the antagonist. Bakuman will definitely make any true otaku appreciate manga even more. So what are you waiting for? Stop reading this and go read Bakuman!