Oil and piercing attacks

I will counter lighting and suiton right now
''-Remember, Gaara used his sand to capture Edo Madara after it was inside Mei’s (electrocuted) water dragon tech, without showing any sort of difficulty.''
''-Sasuke piercing Gaara’s defense in part 1 DOESN’T prove that ration>sand. Chidori is a PIERCING tech, it’s supposed to pierce through stuff. that's why it went through his defense, not because it's a lighnting tech specifically. Unlike A’s ration armour kick, which Gaara manages to stop quite comfortably despite being a ration-based move'

He was able to block A's kick flawlessly with little to no effort witch is lighting based attack

Not to mention gaara sand was infused with both lighting and water against edo madara and was fine

So please stop saying Mei and all the other suiton users are on gaara level or can beat him and no sasuke can't just beat gaara by using chidori nagashini because A tech is like sasukes just way more advanced if tht was the case tht the nagashini beats sand A would've went right through

Do u agree or disagree if so state reasons so I can counter them