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    Create a ninja tht represents u and what kind of abilities they have

    Name Gin (pronounced like in bleach he's my fav character) Nobunaga
    Hair/color: medium length a dark purple styled like orochimaru
    Eye color: blue (when fused With samanda bright orange)
    Build:some what medium build (like how hidan is) fair skinned lightly toned
    Height 6ft 4
    Weight : 220 pounds
    Village : cloud or rain
    Nature tech: water style
    Special tech/weapons : ability to sense people from 80 yard radius (go farther when concentrated) sensor sense people negative emotions. Extremely large chakra reserves can breath underwater
    Weapon: Samanda
    Water style water wall
    Water prison
    Water dome
    Water clones
    Water bullets
    Fuse with samanda
    I can create a lake (the thing. Tht kisame did) but can't just do water ninjutsu without water like second hokage
    Many more just Dnt know them

    Water prison trailing clones (if make contact they will absorb u and lock u in themselves turning into a bubble of water)
    This technique is a tech I made myself it's called blood release it's simple I get some of my opponents blood and then cut some of a part of my body mix it with my blood (no AIDS giving me the power to control thier bodies the ketch is (all bloodline traits have to have draw back) I can only use it on one person at a time and I can't do any nin jutsu while it's activated but I can make the body do nothing I want

    Ninjutsu 8/10
    Taijutsu 8/10
    Genjutsu 2/10
    Intelligence 10/10
    Power 8/10
    Speed 7/10
    Stamina 10/10
    Hand seals 7/10

    I like to say also I would live kisame sword samanda I'm in love with it Thts the power I want also water release

    Destincitve features : it looks as though I have cuts on my neck but those are gills and they open when underwater

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    Re: Create a ninja tht represents u and what kind of abilities they have

    Wrong Section!

    But to answer I will use an ff character I use

    Kyuuketsuki Kagami

    A boy who grew up in the era of Tobirama senju. He was often picked on as a child, but was respected by adults because of his rare glass release. However, his fascination with kinjutsu resulted in creating the vampire technique. He uses it on captured rouge ninja's as an experiment until he gets caught and sentenced to death. However he escapes and uses his technique to steal some of the strongest kekkei genki in the village, before ultimately meeting his end when the sun rises.

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    Re: Create a ninja tht represents u and what kind of abilities they have


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