First, Kindly read this:

Itachi mentions here that after gaining EMS, another technique awakens.

If Sasuke was to get new power, I would not consider it just to be one tech. I feel sasuke will learn a space time justu , but i think with his new eyes can come a second technique based on ninjustu since sasuke is a high level user according to the databook.

IMAO a second new technique could be much like Amaterasu only with his second element lightning. Also being able to travel at real lightning speeds and sorta like the 3rd & 4th Raikage making him more difficult for naruto to beat him.

A possible name for it could be "Aji-Suki-Taka-Hi-Kone" mouthful but follows the culture references kishi has used.

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So what do you think Sasuke's EMS jutsu is gonna be?