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    Naruto must end up with Hinata

    Both Naruto and Hinata actually have a history together. Naruto was discriminated against by the entire village, and Hinata when she was often felt ingnored by her dad. He tried to save her from bullies when they were kids, miserably epic failed, but she was inspired by his determination to be recognized. She of all people in the village treats Naruto how no other treats him, and yet he ignores her

    It's only right since she confessed her love to Naruto and was willing to die for him, all the way back in the pain arc, Naruto acknowledges her love for him...

    As for Sakura, almost throughout the story it was Sasuke, and she now starts to show appreciation for Naruto's deeds. No.

    As for Naruto's mom, when she said to marry someone like her, not weird and all, **** off. Naruto will find someone good for himself. That one being Hinata. This is why I don't support NaruSaku, or NaruIno, or any of that.

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