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    ~Naruto~ The best in each area

    Well, I wanted to create a thread to discuss who shines in different areas of the Shinobi Skills. Some of them are from the Databook.

    I splited them into Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu, Weapon Mastery, Intelligence, Strength, Speed, Stamina, Hand Seals, Overall.

    My intent it's not to point out who have the most powerful jutsu in each area, but who mastery of them really impresses, to the point they really are recognized by those abilities.

    Here goes my list:


    Kakashi the man who mastered over a 1.000 jutsus, I only saw Kakashi caught off-guard twice, the first time Zabuza trapped him and the second time he was caught in Tsukyomi.

    But he was pitted against Zabuza, Itachi, Deidara, Kakuzu, Pain and Sasuke. In each time Kakashi always have a Jutsu on his sleeve to counter those people attack, not many people would survive a fight with one of those shinobis, and aside from Pain, Kakashi did with off all of them.

    Kakashi isn't clearly possessor of the most powerfull Ninjutsu, but his arsenal is so great that he can counter attacks from the five element user Kakuzu, a Deidara explosion, and even Sasuke Susanoo.

    I know that Ä is the strongest in close combat, but he uses Nintaijutsu(Ninjutsu + Taijutsu), and when it comes to pure Taijutsu, I always remember of Mighty Guy.

    When Guy opens the 7th Gate he totally overpowered Kisame, this man was able to almost kill the Shark only using an Air Pressure that comes from a "clap" of his Hand.

    Itachi ( you know why aha )

    Obito once stated that Itachi never ceasrd to amaze him, and me too. Even dead he shows us new and powerfull stuff. I can understand why Obito didn't mess with him.

    And Genjutsu wise, I am yet to see someone to overthrow him. In a battle against Itachi, people never know if they are living the real thing or if it's a genjutsu. If you don't look at his eye, he will just point his finger into your face, and then you fall into it.
    Kinjutsu Mastery:

    Kisame and Samehada complete each other, when faced with Kisame you don't know if you are more afraid of him or of his living sword.

    I have to mention TenTen too, what gives the girl a spot here, it's that she can grab a shuriken, a kunai, a spear, a seven mist's sword or even a Legendary Fan and uses it with such ease.

    Killer Bee uses 8 katana's like a pro, enough said

    Shikamaru is intelligent enough to bring down an S-Class Immortal Criminal alone. And his father to take charge of 80.000 Shinobis. As far as raw intelligence is concerned, Shikaku is the number one.

    Madara can fool an entire world, and can easily turn people to his side.

    Naruto is always deemed stupid, but he outsmarted Zabuza, Kakuzu, Pain. A true testament of this was his ability to think fast enough to defeat the Third Raikage and his ability to complete the Rasenshuriken.

    Itachi, Orochimaru, Kakashi, and Minato belong on the intelligence list. They have definitely shown intelligence and why they were considered among the best of their generation.

    A single punch of Tsunade throwed Jiraiya 100 meters away, broke several bones and almost killed him. She opened deep rift in the ground using only a single finger.

    Ä and Minato is in a Tie. Hiraishin makes Minato the fastest character so far, but Ä comes close, since naruto seems to keep up with him. Perhaps a 8th Gate Guy could , but at what cost.:shrug:

    Desconsidering the bijuu, Kisame takes the number one spot, they guy alone have bijuu level chakra.
    Hands Seal:

    I can't decide the best one in this category. The fastest in Hand Seals is Itachi, he is so fast that even TS-Sasuke with Sharingan can't see his forming seals. Then we have Tobirama doing a 44 Seals Dragon Blast with just One Seal. And Haku who can perform Seal with one Hand. also im gonna add Ooniki.

    Obviously its the So6P but otherwise

    Naruto is on par with Ä speed, Tsunade Strength, Kisame Stamina. Sage Mode Naruto taijutsu is impressive, his ninjustu is devastating, he become smart enough to beat Pain and Third Raikage.

    Sasuke taijutsu, ninjutsu, genjutsu, weapon mastery, speed is Kage Level.

    Nagato is the most powerful single character in the history so far. It took the combined efforts of Naruto, Bee and Itachi to bring him down.
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