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    Straw Hat Crew Bounty Increase?

    I'm thinking its about time the Straw Hats had a bounty increase.
    -They're in the New World now and with such small bounties no one is really going to respect them.

    Right now Luffy is sitting at a 400 million Beli. And I believe that puts him at the 2nd highest Supernova bounty(excluding Law) after Kid.
    - This is good enough. He's made a name for himself, everyone knows Luffy, the brother of Ace, son of Dragon and grandson of Garp

    -But the rest of the team they need an increase.

    Zoro is at 120 million which puts him near the bottom of the supernovas, even behind Jewelry Bonney. I think Zoro should have at least a 200 million bounty so he can be tied with Killer of Kid Pirates

    Sanji should be close to Zoro and not 77 million which puts him at 4th on the team even though he is the 3rd strongest member. From what I've seen he should be a supernova as well

    Robin and Brook's bounties should increase as well. to at least 100 million

    Nami, Usopp and Franky's bounty are quite low but seeing their new abilities they should make it to 70 million easy

    As for Chopper, who has a tiny 50 beli bounty he needs an increase to at least 50 million. But that might be a running gag for the whole show.

    -This is just my thought. Being in the New World the only way people would respect you is if you have a high bounty, a vice admiral or higher, or being a warlord or emperor.

    -What do you guys think?

    I also wonder about the bounties of the rest of the supernovas like:
    -X Drake
    -Jewelry Bonney
    -Capone Bege
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