I know a lot of people think its not a question that sasuke has surpassed itachi but I say the only thing sasuke has over itachi is stamina. Look at the basics sharigan. Even tho sasuke has way more chakra he can't keep his sharigan activated like itachi. Thats let's you know itachi mastery over the sharigan is still a level higher than sasukes. Now look at ms abilities. Obviously they are the same powers but different effects. Itachi tsykuomi can only be countered by another uchiha while sasuke's is probably above average at best. Next sasuke ameterasu is better but barely considering their may be 5 ninja at the most fast enough to dodge it, it doesn't really matter. Next susanno obviously goes to itachi. Now sasuke does have itachi eyes and we haven't seen fully what he can do with them but itachi does have izanami and I myself think he has izangi but I have no proof of this. Last but not least itachi does have suishi( I know I spelled it wrong) ms. Now their still is taijutsu and they are about even. But ill give it to itachi cuz of the simple fact that itachi didn't need orochimaru n his drug to get his taijutsu as good as he is. But if you guys have any REASONS why u think sasuke has surpassed itachi I would love to hear them.