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    HST power ranking

    list out your top 15 strongest characters that you consider to be top tiers in HST.. here's mine ;

    1. Bankai Yamamoto takes the throne
    2. Whitebeard
    3. FGT ichigo
    4. Aizen souske
    5. Sengoku
    6. Admiral garp
    7. admiral akainu
    8. Shanks
    9. God enel
    10. Ulquiorra
    11. BM naruto
    12. kuchiki byakuya
    13. zaraki kenpachi
    14. Ace D portugas
    15. Mihawk

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    Re: HST power ranking

    and HST is??? based on the characters in your list is it shounen jumps big three? if thats the case:

    1. final getsuga tensho ichigo
    2.sosuke aizen(hogyoku)
    3.sage of six paths
    4. genryusai yamamoto
    5.vanden reich leader
    6.gol d roger
    7. whitebeard
    8.monkey d dragon
    9.hashirama senju
    10.madara uchiha
    11.ulquiorra cifer
    12.barragan lausenbairn
    13.coyotte starke
    15. one of: byakuya kuchiki,kenpachi zaraki,gin ichimaru,,naruto uzumaki,nagato uzumaki,sasuke uchiha,shanks,admiral akainu,admiral kizaru,ex admiral aokiji,sengoku,charlotte linlin,
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