Some time ago I posted a thread of Van's Blade Liger
Vs Liger Zero and most people said Liger Zero > Blade Liger.

I said
Van's Blade Liger surpased Irvine's Lighting Saix in speed, and Irvine's Lightning Saix was able to keep up with a Storm Sworden. Making Van's Blade Liger almost mach 4. (Many times the 340 km/h top speed of a BL) His Liger's shield can protect him even from a charged particle cannon. Has an AB system. And organoid system (with Zeke to make that organoid system work to its fullest) A system that could quickly switch out the Pulse Laser Guns attached to the Laser Blades for sniper rifles or gatling guns. And a quick reparing system due to Zeke.
to wich they answered
while the liger zero is slower than the blade liger, the liger zero is an ultimate x zoid, which means it has an organoid system installed in it without the need of a being like zeke or shadow. Also the liger learns from each battle.

it would be a fair fight, but ultimately the liger zero would be the superior zoid since not even the berserk fury could defeat it and it took out three geno saurs with ease
But now that I think about it.

Van's Blade Liger took out the normal Death Saurer.

So the question came to me again.
Can Van's Blade Liger beat Liger Zero & Other Ligers in a 1 on 1 battle?