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    Celestial Spirit Power Rankings

    So, I've always sort of wondered, what exactly ARE the power rankings for Zodiac Celestial Spirits? Who's weakest? Who's strongest? Here are my thoughts. By the way, I'm not including Opiuchus or whatever that thing Yukino used is called...

    1. Aquarius. Multiple people, like Lucy and Sherry, have said that Aquarius is a very powerful Celestial Spirit. Aquarius has defeated more than one powerful opponent. For example, she beat Sherry, and helped to beat Freed and Bickslow.

    2. Loke. Loke is the leader of the Zodiac, after all. He's beaten powerful foes too, like Bickslow and Zoldeo/Capricorn.

    3. Either Capricorn or Gemini. Capricorn is an intelligent spirit, with knowledge about magic and how it works, and he has great melee skill. Gemini, on the other hand, can transform into anyone whose power isn't vastly above Lucy's. And Gemini can also help with advanced spells, like Urano Metria. I can't decide who's stronger here.

    4. Scorpio. Scorpio can blast foes with powerful sand, and he's helped out Lucy several times too, like against Hades, where he and Wendy performed Unison Raid, or against Flare, where he helped with Sandstorm Axe Aldebaran.

    5. Taurus. Taurus is good with melee, and I think he would really compliment range type Spirits with his Melee, like Scorpio or Sagitarrius.

    6. Sagitarrius. Sagitarrius is a really skilled Archer. He's great with ranged attacks, and has proven a powerful spirit, like when Angel and Gemini menaced Lucy and Hibiki with Sagitarrius.

    7. Aries. Aries might not seem like a powerful, high-level spirit, but she's an amazing support spirit, and she's actually a decent combat spirit too, with good hand to hand prowess.

    8. Virgo. Virgo isn't really that powerful, but she does have some helpful abilities. Digging holes and bringing stuff from the CS World is a decent benefit from having this cute, masochistic maid with you.

    9. Cancer. Cancer has good cutting power, but that's it. He's not really that powerful.

    10. I'm going to have to say Pisces. Pisces didn't really impress me...

    11. Libra. All Libra can do is alter gravity. Huh, if all Pisces is good for is gravity altering, that kind of makes Risley Law useless too... Wonder why Mermaid Heel picked her. Anyways, Libra is good for supporting heavy melee spirits, like Taurus, but otherwise, she's kind of useless.

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    Re: Celestial Spirit Power Rankings

    You seriously put Libra at the bottom? She can change the gravity of a person, and thus make it so they can't move at all! The one time her ability was shown, it was against someone with the same magic, and thus she could cancel it. But Libra belongs no where near the bottom...

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    Re: Celestial Spirit Power Rankings

    I don't think the spirits have rankings when it comes to the zodiacs besides the king of the spirit world.

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    Re: Celestial Spirit Power Rankings

    What is this you are talking about?

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    Re: Celestial Spirit Power Rankings

    I'd rank Leo as No.1 and Aquarius No.2:

    Both are powerful spirits closely-matched imo. Leo is the Leader of Zodiac Spirits while Lucy still considers Aqaurius as her most powerful spirit despite having Leo too. The reason, I'd rank Leo above Aquarius, is because you need water medium to summon Aquarius while Leo not only does not have that limitation, he also comes to Lucy's help whenever is needed.

    Otherwise, I'd continue the ranking as:

    3. Gemini
    4. Capricorn
    5. Libra [Alter gravity sounds nasty imo unlike how you think. If she can immobilize her opponents, that makes her nearly as tricky to fight as Gemini]
    6. Scorpio
    7. Sagittarius/Taurus
    9. Pisces
    10. Aries
    11. Virgo
    12. Cancer

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