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    Re: Tobi and Sasuke Battle it Out

    I look at Sasuke and when he raises his Chidori up in the sky to control the lightning in the sky. I phase through the ground upon this action when he raises his Chidori to control the lightning. I come back up on the right diagonal side of Sasuke catching him by surprise seeing the speed of the phase through the ground and coming up is quick. I reach my left hand out to the back of his neck and my right hand to his right eye poking it and pulling it out and Sasuke hand drops releasing Kirin straight down in front of him. With the Curse Mark affecting his body he can barely fight back against a stronger opponent. With Sasuke right sharingan still in his hand and Sasuke body laying on the ground, Obito phase out of the battlefield to his hideout.

    (Dojutsu: Isō Idō) - Eye Technique: Phasing Migration
    Rank: S
    Type: Supplementary, Defence
    Range: Short
    Chakra cost: 40 (-5 per turn)
    Damage points: N/A
    Description: A variation of his Kamui, using this technique, Obito is
    also able to render himself intangible, through the use of his 3
    Tomoe Sharingan or MS, to allow other objects to pass harmlessly
    through his own body, which he employs primarily to avoid
    incurring injury from incoming attacks. In reality, this is but another
    extension of his space–time ninjutsu, where Obito instead teleports
    any part of his body that occupies the same space as another object
    to a separate dimension. As the transported portions of his body are
    always obscured by the other objects, Obito appears completely
    whole to those observing him. By overlapping his entire body with a
    sufficiently large object, such as the ground, he can not only conceal
    himself from view, but also erase all traces of his chakra. Obito
    often exploits this characteristic to ambush his opponents from
    below. Though unable to establish any physical contact while
    intangible, Obito can move while phased at great speeds and can
    trigger the technique on instinct alone, relying on his Sharingan to
    perceive and calculate attacks and how to activate the technique in
    the most precise manner. He also seemingly possesses the
    capability to extend this intangibility to whatever he's presently
    touching, as long as he is able to maintain some form of contact
    with at least part of the desired item. Described as a perfect
    defense, Obito is able to phase through anything, avoiding damage
    Note: Can only be used 4 times
    Note: Can only be used by Obito Uchiha bios and must have

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    Re: Tobi and Sasuke Battle it Out

    I accept defeat

    Great match bro had a lot of fun with it... I will be coming after you again though!!


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    Re: Tobi and Sasuke Battle it Out

    I got no problem with the fight itself, just a note when you used that Sharingan genjutsu "Illusion Technique: Copy Wheel Eye" you can't make him paralyzed just like that, there has to be something constricting him in the genjutsu, ok to the move continuing and nothing happens, but seems to me like you mixed up the reality and genjutsu in the usage, you said that he's paralyzed in reality while he's seeing everything going according to the plan, but what should happen is that he sees something constricting himself in the genjutsu making him unable to move, thus he won't be able to move in reality either, if you don't describe the genjutsu well and make it valid it's going to work against you if you were in a test like Obito's.

    Anyway i see no problem with giving you the permission, a note though, the Sharingan you take is not going to have any special powers, it's downgraded or upgraded to fit the Sharingan stage you are in, so in case of you having 3 Tomoe, even if you take a Mangekyo Sharingan eye, it's going to be downgraded into a 3 Tomoe level, the reason i said it will have no special powers meaning, when you get to the MS level you can't use technique exclusive to Sasuke bios with his eye, that eye you took can be used for tracking normally like a normal 3 Tomoe Sharingan, along with Izanagi and Izanami usages when you reach MS level, you need another RP mods permission, and after you get one other you need to contact Vincent for the transplant.

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