Honestly, I was wondering who would die next. First Inoichi and Shikaku, now Neji. Neji should have died a long time ago. Back in the Sasuke Retrieval Arc actually. Honestly, I would have found it more moving if he was killed off then. Throughout the Manga, what characters have been focused on for development? The important characters that are critical to the storyline. Neji was never really critical to the storyline and as far as I know hadn't really been developed in terms of his abilities. Onto what I liked about this chapter and didn't like about it.

- The Not So Subtle Push For NaruHina.
- Neji's Heroic Sacrifice.
- Obito taking control of the situation.
- Madara's simple acceptance.
- Flashback to the early days where everyone wasn't so ridiculously overpowered.
- Naruto's need to rest and recover Chakra like everyone else.

- Naruto's stupidity.
- Leaving us in the dark about the plan.
- Juubi's Next Transformation.
- Obito dragging the fight on.
- Juubi being ridiculously overpowered.
- Madara and Obito being ridiculously overpowered.