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    Loose Ends

    There are many loose ends which might give some info into how this Manga will proceed:

    Loose end-1: Yamato/Tenzo
    The Zetsu's created using Hashirama's cells can communicate with each other using Tree roots. This does seems like one of the powers of Hashirama. If Yamato is created from Hashirama's cells as well, then he would be able to observe the whole war being attached to the Hashirama Tree. My guess would be that he would be somehow able to get some power-up through the connection and join the War along with Naruto.

    Loose end-2: Infinitie Tsukuyomi Plan:
    I think the Infinite Tsukuyomi Plan is not the final objective of Obito and Madara. Remember when Kabuto said he will help Obito in the war if he hand over Sasuke. I dont think Kabuto would help Obito for the world to be ended just for sake of Sasuke.

    Loose end-2: Kabuto Yakushi
    If I remember correctly, he is still genjutsu loop created by Itachi. If at all he has broke out of it by accepting himself.... he would be a key player as well during this war. I guess he might join Madara just to get some knowledge over Juubi and its power.

    Loose end-3: Orochimaru & Taka
    Orochimaru said immediately after he is revived that he has no plans of getting involved in this war. That means he either know that the war true purpose is not Infinite Tsukuyomi. Or he knows a way to avoid it. I dont think he is kind of guy who wants to spend eternity in some Genjutsu.

    Loose end-4: FTG (Flying Thunder God)
    If I remember it correctly, Tsunade rejected FTG technique to teleport her to battlefield but instead used Genesis Mutation so that FTG can be saved for "him". Who is this "him" she is refferring to? I dont think she is reffering to Naruto as he is already in Battlefield and it is highly unlikely that Minato's sub-ordinates go to Naruto to use this Technique. My guess would be that Minato's sub-ordinates will use this technique to save brain of HQ (I call it... second rule of Battlefield... Save your brains from Getting Injured).

    Loose end-5: Naruto's BM combined with Sage mode
    It was only seen once when Naruto faced Pain during his final confrontation. It seemed to be pretty powerfull mode for him to resist Pain's control rods. I am guessing he might get this after Kurama finished collecting Chakra.

    Loose end-6: Tailed beasts conversations with Naruto
    All the Tailed beasts had a conversation with Naruto before being completely sucked into Gedo Majou. I think they might have given Naruto some kind of power which when combined with Full Kurama is much more powerfull than not-so-complete 10-Tails. This might give Naruto edge over 10 tails in near future battle.

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    Re: Loose Ends

    This is why Kishi is a genius

    He keeps many openings open for his readers and they will keep buying his manga

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    Re: Loose Ends

    For the save the FTG for "him" thing, it was a mistranslation. She was referring to Mei.

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