you're Igneel huh? Lets see what ya got.

*takes a gulp of alcohol from my gourd*

Battle Rules
-Rei's R&R
-Killing and Stealing: Allowed
-CJs: Allowed
-CEs: Allowed
-Range: Mid-range
-Terrain: Plain field without a water source.
-Each fight needs to finish in 7 days, upon which they'll be closed and graded by RP mods
-Arguments are to be done exclusively through VM (not PM or MSN). Moderators opinions can only be asked twice per match, with the 3rd time pertaining to a final decisive judging. If a member needs to ask for a moderators input, he/she must do so through this thread and not directly to the Moderators. Following the template and the rules of the thread is essential
-If a participant doesn't reply for more than 4 complete days, his opponent wins the match by default
-Failing to abide any of the rules of the tournament may lead to default defeat
-Maker of the thread has the right of first move
-Both fighters need to link their bios and valid customs threads in their first post

Bacchus Hyuga: