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    Naruto 615 Prediction

    Hinata: Neji...
    Lee: NEJI!
    -tenten is sobbing-
    Gai: He's.. gone..
    Kakashi: Obito..
    Obito: Now you know slightly how I feel..
    Naruto: Obito... We will stop you!
    -Naruto slams his fist against his hand-
    Naruto: No matter what!
    Obito: (Naruto is headstrong.. like I was.. Our fates could've been one in the same..)
    -madara smirks-
    Madara: Well, obito? What now? I did let you decide our next course of actions..
    Obito: Just a thought, it dosen't concern you.
    Shikamaru: What naruto said is true! We can't just lose.. we must continue out with the plan!
    Shikaku: The juubi is reckless, all earth release users use your earth shields to block his attacks.. Taijutsu users, go after madara.. Obito can make himself intangible, for 5 minutes only, and he materializes to suck in.... Fire Release users, overwhelm him.. even if he's an uchiha, he can't block the combined might. Combine this with the wind release for major damage. The rest, help if it's needed!
    -flashback over and everyone is going out with the plan-
    Obito: Ugh.. I can't..
    Madara: They are smart.
    -Obito is shot with fire release attacks at quick speed and gets hit a bit, as madara is being attacked with full force by taijutsu users though he is blocking with initial susano'o-
    Obito: Wood Release..
    -naruto appears in front of obito and rasengans him in the chest-
    Madara: This is why you cannot let children make decisions.. Hashirama's cells are saving you, obito.
    Obito: I.. have a promise to make. I'll show these idiots.. -flash scene to the army- My hell..
    -obito flashes a few handseals-
    Obito: Wood Release.. Hell Jutsu!

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    Re: Naruto 615 Prediction

    Wood Release.... Hell Jutsus???

    Sounds wierd because isn't Hell full of fire?
    Then the wood will burn.

    Beautiful Pre.

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    Re: Naruto 615 Prediction

    hell jutsu?

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