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    I think I figured out who Sasuke will meet

    After analyzing the manga and reading the novel about Sasuke and the application of Occam's Razor, I think I figured out who "the one who knows everything" is: Shisui Uchiha.

    First, Suigetsu finds Sasuke, he tells him that he has found a scroll that has power for them to turn the tide of the war and allow them to dominate, some put forward that the scroll can unlock the reaper death seal, allowing Sasuke to meet the Hokages, but it seems to be a problematic theory because:

    a. Suigetsu knows that Orochimaru's arms were sealed by RDS, but the question arises? if they were able to release the souls of those inside the reaper's belly, will they be able to use it without Edo Tensei? so RDS unseal by itself cannot allow them to "rule the world" because it's one thing to unseal souls its' another to reanimate them.

    b. Suigetsu seems to be familiar with the purpose of the scroll, if we accept the premise that suigetsu's scroll is not to break the RDS, then it's only safe to assume that the scroll has a jutsu that is familiar even to a mere personal mercenary of Orochimaru, his and Kabuto's greatest source of military power: Edo Tensei.

    c. Even if we assume that the scroll contains a way to unseal the souls inside the reaper, then the question arises: why didnt orochimaru used it earlier since the soul part of his arms is sealed within the reaper and part of his power within it, surely he would have immediately acted upon it if he had a way to take it back but he didnt.

    Next, suigetsu objects the need to revive orochimaru saying that Sasuke can just learn to use the scroll by himself, again we highlight suigetsu's familiarity with the scroll, if it is a scroll to unseal the death reaper, then the jutsu itself is unique and one of a kind without the assurance of success since Oro was the only one in the story who was attacked by the reaper and survived (because hiruzen was too weak to completely take oro's soul) if this is a brand new unique jutsu written in the scroll, then its improbable for Suigetsu to suggest that Sasuke learns to use the power of the scroll by himself.

    it is safe to assume that the jutsu in the scroll is familiar to suigetsu for him to suggest sasuke learn to use it by himself, and since the purpose of the scroll is "to meet someone" there can be only one jutsu with the capability of doing that: Edo Tensei.

    now that we have established the jutsu of the scroll and sasuke's intended purpose and his necessity of reviving orochimaru to use it, we shall identify the person who Sasuke wants to meet:

    In the bottom panel you will read that Sasuke wants to meet someone who had the similar experience and sentiments as Itachi's

    There is only one person who endured the same thing that Itachi did, one who, despite his name being marred, and himself dying, continue to care about Konoha and wants to protect it. It is Shisui:

    "Shisui was perplexed that the clan would not deter from the coup d'etat that they were planning and about the consequences that would follow their actions. He told Itachi that he had tried to use Kotoamatsukami to stop them, but Danzō Shimura stole his right eye, adamant on protecting the village his own way. Fearing that Danzō would get the other one as well, Shisui entrusted the other to Itachi telling him to protect the village and the Uchiha name. In order to prevent conflict from arising over his eyes within the clan"

    Sasuke asks:

    a. what is itachi? the answer is most probably shisui since they had the same experience and mindset

    b . what is a clan? the uchiha clan, why shisui chose to both protect the uchiha and konoha knowing full well the animosity and hatred the clan has for the village, why choose both sides instead of siding with one

    c. what is a village? konoha, it is this village that itachi and shisui showed undying loyalty even in the face of shame.

    And finally and the greatest proof that the one who knows everything is Shisui, an excerpt from chapter 1 of Sasuke's novel, the dream that Sasuke had:

    "Sasuke is dreaming. He's standing in a dark forest. There's a red moon in the sky. Weird beasts try to attack him. He throws a kunai at them and they disperse into dozens of ravens. Then, a young masked boy appears. The boy and Sasuke exchange words. The boy questions Tobi's motives. "Why didn't Tobi tell you about Itachi earlier? If he had, you wouldn't have had to kill him. It's clear Tobi wanted to make your hatred grow." It seems the boy wants Sasuke not to trust Tobi. Sasuke asks if this is a dream. The boy neither denies nor affirms this. He says they're at the bottom of Sasuke's consciousness. The boy's last words are: "Remember: I am you, I am Itachi, I am the single witness who saw the rise and fall of the Uchiha Clan." The boy disperses in countless ravens and the dream ends."

    You can see he is clearly not Itachi in the dream, he says to Sasuke :

    "Why didn't Tobi tell you about Itachi earlier? If he had, you wouldn't have had to kill him. It's clear Tobi wanted to make your hatred grow."

    Then he goes on and says:

    Remember: I am you, I am Itachi

    He is not claiming to be Itachi himself, but that he is like Itachi (in mindset and beliefs) and he is also like Sasuke (being both of the Uchiha clan) only Shisui fits the characteristics of this person in the dream.

    Now that we have established that Shisui is the one who knows everything, the most probable scenario is that Sasuke and Orochimaru will go to Konoha to obtain any remaining DNA sample of Shisui to revive him with Edo Tensei, though it is stated that Shisui left no corpse behind during his suicide, it is possible that Danzo who took one of Shisui's eyes could have also stored some remaining DNA of Shisui stacked up somewhere in Konoha, where Sasuke and Oro will find it may come from two sources:

    a. either the two elder of the konoha council

    b. the remnants of the foundation


    I understand that Orochimaru uses the plural "them" instead of "him/her" if it was only one person, if that is the case then:

    a. it is a mistranslation from the original japanese and was intended to be singular


    b. Sasuke actually wants to meet with more than one people

    if we accept premise b. then the explanation is:

    The possibility also arises that Shisui may not have died at all, and went into hiding after his apparent "suicide" from what we learned from Obito, anyone in the manga who we did not see die but was only stated to have died was in fact alive, examples:

    1. madara was said to have died - he was alive after his battle with hashirama

    2. obito was said to have died under that rock - he was actually saved by madara.

    3. shisui was said to have committed suicide - he may not have actually committed suicide as no corpse was left behind.

    4. Nagato and Konan were thought by Jiraiya to have died - they were actually alive.

    If Shisui is alive then the Edo Tensei will be used on some other Uchihas possibly Fugaku, Sasuke may want to talk to both Fugaku and Shisui, then the reason for Sasuke going to Konoha has two reasons then:

    1. Sasuke will go to his father's grave and acquire his dna in order to reanimate him so he can learn the truth.

    2. obtain information on the whereabouts of Shisui

    PS: The Sasuke Novel is The "Thunder Chronicles - The Day when the Wolf Howle" written by Akira Higashiyama and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto himself.

    UPDATE 2:

    I would also like to point out another reason why Sasuke will not meet the Hokages:

    In the upper left panel Sasuke wants to find the answer to the questions:

    What was Itachi....?
    Our Clan....?
    The Village....?

    Sasuke wants to know the truth about their clan, The Uchiha Clan and I doubt the Hokages can give intimate details regarding the truth and nature of their clan since the Hokages are outsiders to the clan, they may give their personal views about the Uchihas but they are still outsiders, they did not experience first-hand what the Uchihas felt, and what drove them to do what they did. So it's more probable that Shisui Uchiha can provide Sasuke the answer.

    Sasuke asking the Hokages the truth and nature of their clan is like asking your neighbor about the truth and nature of your family, you're neighbor can only give opinions, not inside information and not first-hand accounts.
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