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    Re: I know what That Jutsu is :)

    Quote Originally Posted by jm2oo9 View Post
    seals are based off what my friend justu...smh again making your self look dumb just stop...we are gonna go on all day and you wont accept the fact that you are wrong just man up..oh and just because his mom was an uzumaki clan did not mean she knew about the tori seal again if she knew about it she would have tried to use it my friend no lie...but unfortunately only 2 people have used it...the first ever ninja and naruto who all the tail beast believe he is there next host and the tori seal is the key to sealing them into his Eight Trigrams seal..sense he has the key to open and close it at anytime...
    IF the tori seal was "that jutsu" they would have said it in the manga retard end of story you lose

    you are to retarded lol Kushina taught Minato all the seals he know in THE ONE SEAL that he left for naruto is tori right??? SO HOW THE **** WOULDNT SHE KNOW ABOUT IT....AGAIN SHOWING YOU ARE A DUM DUM
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