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    Vizards hollows

    Hey ive been thinking of this really but im jus going to throw it out there..... do you reckon as a "condition" for rejoining soul society and the gotei 13... do you think the vizards like shinji etc who rejoined were forbidden from using their hollow powers?? since it pretty much goes against the shinigami's code like transfering powers to humans...

    Also do you think it could be possible that the vizards obtained a "ressurection" form?? i kno its pretty much arrancar exclusive BUT tousen who was a shinigami and gained hollow powers similar to the vizards and ichigo also obtained a ressurection form... yes i kno this may only be because aizen and hogyoku helped him but hey i can dream cant i?? how many of you also would think its cool if they gained ressurection forms?? but like i said central 46 forbidden them from using it as a condition... well in SS at least.. im sure they could be more forgiving if used outside SS in a extreme must win situation.

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    Re: Vizards hollows

    I don't think that's very plausible because why would the Vizards agree to such conditions? I don't think they'd want to rejoin the Gotei 13 that much. The Vizards "despised" the Shinigami for having banished them before, but I'm sure the tensions died down after the war since they fought side by side.

    Plus, with Ichigo on Soul Society's side, I'd reckon that Yamamoto became more lenient about the whole Shinigami-with-Hollow-powers thing. He even ordered the Captains and Lieutenants to donate their reiatsu to Urahara's white sword so that they could restore Ichigo's powers - something Kyoraku claimed that the "old Yama" would never have agreed to. Ichigo's proved himself to be a valuable ally and he's just as much of a Vizard as the others are. Considering this, I don't think they're restricted from using their Hollow powers at all.

    As for the Resurrecion thing, if you mean something like a full-Hollow form like Ichigo did vs Ulquiorra, then they probably have it. It's just a matter of being able to control it or not.
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