I don't know about Sakura sacrificing herself, but all I can say is I think this chapter has been nothing but fan service.

Why on earth would kishi put so much evidence towards NaruSaku if he was just going to pull a 180 and have him with Hinata? Even die-hard naruhina fans should question it. If he wanted it surely there would be more signs, signs that indicate Naruto could reciprocate feelings as well. And I am talking beyond the confession, I would think any friend of Naruto's would warrant Naruto's reaction.

Even if you like it, you have to ask yourself, why now? And does it carry any weight?

I think you are jumping to conclusions as far as Naruto and Hinata Being together. It is never so cut and dry with kishi.

Even after Naruto is rid of Juubi and the Big Baddies, there is still Sasuke to deal with. Add in a possible Team Seven reunion, and the chance for Sakura to show where her allegiances finally lie, and the turmoil is back. Add in all the Team Seven formula foreshadowing, and the fact that Hinata (no matter how badass she is considered) probably won't and really shouldn't be involved in that fight, it's all sixes and sevens once again.

I am reaching the conclusion that even if we debate narusaku vs naruhina til we are black and blue in the face, kishi is just trolling us and possibly pitting us against each other.