Honestly, I thought this chapter was awesome. It looks like the Toad Sage's prophecy actually came true. Naruto had a decision to make, and obito almost got to him. Notice how Kishi used symbolism: When obito was crushed under the rock, he held Rin's hand. She was his "light", his symbol for hope. When he let go of it and told her to escape, he let go of the light and hope. Obito shows what happens when you don't have someone who is your voice of reason/stability. Now in the present, naruto who broke down, and was just about to give in. Hinata woke him up with that pimp slap lol. Isn't it ironic that her name means "sunny place". It isn't the first time that she acted as his voice of reason/hope. Back in part 1 before his fight with neji. That's probably why naruto told her "you've saved me twice already".

Anyway, because of Hinata & Kurama, naruto was reminded of his ninja way. Unlike Obito, he took his "light", and hope which the symbol is Hinata's hand. Epic moment, and it's really interesting that Naruto was the one that grabbed hinata's hand and not the other way around. It would've been different if she grabbed his hand, and he held on but nah that didn't happen. Ah, I think she's growing on him, and he might just give in to her because she loves him just like Kushina did. 5/5 this chapter.