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Well gaara could only bend the sand previously because of the one tail's power,as said by dediera(mispelled).
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So then explain to me after it was extracted how can he possibly still bend it without using/using little chakra to bend/move his sand at will.Also the sand in his gourd still automatically protects him which makes no sense since it only did that due to the one tails.
WTHSo how in the hell is this stuff happening?!WTH

:rag:Stuff like this makes him seem smug even when fighting STOP CROSSING YOUR ARMS!!:rag:

Also not hating on gaara so don't be a douchebag:y just wondering also he is boss in most ways.
he assumed it was the doing of the 1 tail beast but later we found out his mother had a jutsu that protects gaara.

Either way I imagine gaara's mum jutsu was probably based on the 1 tailed beast powers to control sand too.

doesn't matter can easily go either way like how the rasengan was based on the tailed beast bomb.