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    Re: The point of all that evidence (NaruSaku) is?

    Im pretty sure for Hinata and Naruto NOT to happen, Hinata has to die. I mean..If Sakura gets with Naruto, and Hinata is still alive, she'll probably be in the corner having little girl crushes, making it a bit awkward. Hinata falls in love with Naruto -> Sakura says jk she actually loves Naruto -> NaruSaku happens -> Hinata has a crush on Naruto for the rest of her life, or gets over it.....Not a good ending. Besides that, NaruSaku is just as likely to happen. Since Kishi is a good writer, I don't think he'll leave a character like Hinata hanging like that. The only way to cancel the NaruHina Relationship is to kill off Hinata. Hinata dies happy from being by Naruto's side, and protecting him -> Naruto get's with Sakura later. Even if Naruto gets with Hinata I don't see SasuSaku because that's another awkward relationship. Whether Sasuke comes back willingly or by force, he's going to be looked at as a villain, and somewhat a douche bag, so...That leads me to thinking they're both gonna die xD In the end, main characters will be happy, or die satisfied.
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