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    Re: The point of all that evidence (NaruSaku) is?

    Quote Originally Posted by narutoblitz View Post
    I think Hinata activated byakugan and liked what she saw lol
    my stomach still hurts from laughing at this

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    Re: The point of all that evidence (NaruSaku) is?

    Quote Originally Posted by MissShakra View Post
    do some people know what incest is? last time i checked, i have never asked my brother if i looked womanly or not, asked him on a date, admired him in a blushing romantic way, been basically told i have developed feelings for him by a teacher, offered to feed him, hugged him with my hand on his face (romantic gesture in case you didnt know), wouldnt look "sad" if another girl loved him. obviously there is more to narusaku coming, whether its a closure of sorts (doubt it) or just that its coming. though the "grabbing her hand" can be interpreted as him making a move, until we see the next chps or even shikaku's plan, i think naruhina fans are getting way ahead of themselves. besidse, if this is how kishi is getting naruto to like hinata (as in, she stalked him for years, did nothing to help him (manga wise) copied everything he did and had to almost die twice to get his attention, and sacrificed her nii-san... that makes hinata just look pathetic and its irritating to show a girl act like that)
    I get that people here are bashing your fav character way moer then she deserves (I actually like sakura in shipuuden). But this post is pretty silly to me. Most of these things you rant about has nothing to do with confirming that Sakura is in love with Naruto they can all be considered something you could just as well do with a friend under these circumstances. She could just as likely look "sad" because I dont know the world seems to be close to ending, Neji died or she was standing in a battlefield full of dead people she once knew. It's not obvious that there is more narusaku coming in any way. There might be Narusaku coming but it's not something you could tell in my opinion it's not even very likely. This thread was originally about evidence for Narusaku so here I am going to give you some evidence to why it's unlikely it will happen.

    * in one of the first episodes she was in she was asked a few questions about herself, she didnt answer but it was made obvious all answeres were related to Sasuke.

    * Remember the scene where sasuke woke up after being curse marked. The from behind hug asking him to return to normal.

    * Sasuke was kidnapped. Sakura not only cried and asked him to stay, she even proposed him taking her with him. She was willing to give up Konoha for him (and in Konoha Naruto).

    *When Sasuke left her she asked her Naruto a once in a lifetime request to get him back. She was asking a close friend to get the person she loved back to her.

    * When fighting Sasori Sakura gained remarkeble resolve and managed to beat one of the akutski with a little aid. This is a huge accomplishment but did she do it to protect naruto? Partly but the bigest reason seemed to be that she wanted to know where to find Orochimaru so she could bring Sasuke back.

    *When Yamato Sai Sakura and Naruto found Sasuke he tried to kill Naruto in front of her eyes but Sai saved him. What did Sakura feel after that? That she wanted Sasuke back in the village. If she had been in love with Naruto, wouldn't she be pissed instead?

    * When the original 12 - Sasuke and Naruto decided that Sasuke needed to be put down she decided she'd better do it herself. To protect Naruto? No, because she loved him she didn't want him to sink any lower.

    *When given a love letter from some random ninja who when denied said that she must be in love with a great shinobi, woudn't she smile and be happy if that person was the hero who saved the leaf from akutski and a powerful sage? she would but instead she looked depressed and we got to see her thinking of Sasuke.

    There you have some solid arguments to why Narusaku is unlikely to happen. I'd say all these reasons are better then yours but I am not going to say that it WONT happen, I am not the writer but it's way easier to argue that it wont happen, then to argue that it will.

    Also I am under the impression that you are one of the people who are complaining about people hating Sakura ( I am new here so I might be mistaken and I am to lazy to check it up.). Why are you doing the same about another character then? Hinata's never been stalking Naruto. I've never seen any evidence to her sleeping outside his house or actually stalking him, secretly admiring would be a better term for it.

    *She didn't do much to help him true but that makes sense since they were on different teams.

    *She copied him because she admired and looked up to him.

    *She almost died the first time to change who she were and prove to herself that she wasn't a quitter. The only thing Naruto did was help her do it. And the second time was to PROTECT him, to try and save him. I dare say she didn't expect to survive that encounter and therefor the objective of trying to get his attention is just silly.

    *Sacrificed Neji? Like naruto sacrificed his parents you mean? since that is EXACTLY the same situation, it's not like she said "please throw yourself in front of me useless servant." before he died.

    None of this makes Hinata look pathetic, it makes her represent Narutos will and determination that has affected others to strive to be better and to not give up untill they have reached their goals and dreams.

    So next time someone says something silly and immature about Sakura please use this method here to explain why they are wrong instead doing the same mistakes yourself.

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