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    about the whole NaruHina NaruSaku thing

    I know that there have been plenty of threads on this already but I doubt that anything will change. Remember when Tobi was revealed to be Obito and people still believed in the possibility of him being controlled by Izuna or something and it didn't?

    I don't think NaruSaku will be happening. Not only that, but say if Hinata dies by Obito's you honestly expect Naruto to just jump on the Sakura bandwagon? He would mourn Hinata, and Naruto isn't the type of character to just fool around with women or forget about people.

    Sai was supposed to replace Sasuke technically, but Naruto doesn't treat him the same way because Sasuke will never be replaced.

    So how can Sakura replace Hinata even if she's dead?

    Sakura doesn't even have true feelings for him either, she's still obsessed with Sasuke. She even already lied about loving Naruto so that he would stop trying to bring Sasuke back.(Btw he rejected her there)

    The relationship between Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura is a lot similar to Jiraiya, Orochimaru, and Tsunade.

    Orochimaru became the villain like Sasuke. Jiraiya likes Tsunade just like Naruto likes Sakura, but they never got together.

    I'm just bringing up some points for you to ponder on.
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