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its annoying to see people like hinata become more important then sakura and even sasuke..
and right now im just whatever honestly lol its not even about the main characters anymore (besides naruto)
my favs are saku and sasu so i obviouslu have a different view, but i think everyone talks about sakura based on part1 cause shes not useless..if she was useless she wouldnt be able to heal anymore nor even be on the battlefield...kinda tired of these comments about her

its not like sakura hates naruto lol u could say she even loves him just not in the same way
sakuras been by him too, i dont understant why you ppl hate her so much but not someone like ino, karin or hinata, tenten and temari...
it doesnt strike to me, but the only think tht comes to my head is because she doesnt have big boobs -.-
shes just like tsunade and she'll surpass her, so why not call tsunade useless??
f*ck ppls logic
I'm a female and couldn't care less about boobs and I dislike Sakura so there blows that theory. I don't like her because of her personality or lack there of. She's boring and her constant whining about Sasuke is annoying. I wouldn't say she's completely useless. Her abilities as a medic nin are outstanding. But like the OP said as far as the supposed main female character, she's a disappointment.